Bubbes Know Best

We. Are. Back. It's been a helluva few months. And Mash-Ups, we missed you! So. We're back for our usual blend of group therapy, belly laughs, tears, and side eye as we explore what makes us American today. And for this special preview episode of our new season, we're tackling that very important question: What is your bubbemeise?
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The Mash-up Americans: Summer Vacay Edition

Amy & Rebecca head out on summer vacay—to prep for a new season and a new sound! But first, they spend some time flashing back to their favorite mashie interviews.

Mash-Up Live! Fueled By Mezcal And Immigrants

Fam, we recorded a live show! KPCC In Person presented Mash-Up Live featuring the one-and-only Bricia Lopez. Bricia is a Mexican-American Mash-Up and the official mezcalera of LA! (We may have gotten drunk.) Bricia is a partner at Guelaguetza Restaurant, which was founded by her father and is LA’s temple for Oaxacan cuisine. We talked about what it was like seeing her first white person, how bulgogi and carne asada are the basically the same, and why she is so proud to be an immigrant. You also get a bonus podcast today: Included in this episode is the live recording of The Limit Does Not Exist, which is hosted by Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell and is available on Forbes and Podcast One. If you believe that creativity, science and technology are better together, The Limit Does Not Exist is for you! Stick around after our episode for their conversation with the science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Thank you to KPCC In Person and Skylight Studios for producing the event.

Replay: Krista Tippett On Why The Wisest People Are Always Smiling

Sometimes when this earthly world gets us down, it’s good to remember that there is more than our everyday grind — or our everyday bananas Senate hearing, as it were. Krista Tippett, creator of On Being and convener of the American conversation on spirituality, sits down with Amy and Rebecca to dig into the Big Questions: How does religion connect the soul to the body? What does it mean to live a spiritual life? How do our roots inform our future growth? Also, what does it mean for your identity when your curly hair turns straight? (Seriously.) For more on Krista and her spiritual practice, check out mashupamericans.com.

Hillary And Jonathan Sitting In A Tree

Hillary Frank of The Longest Shortest Time. Jonathan Menjivar of This American Life. You know their voices. You love their work. But did you know they are ALSO mash-up married? Hillary, a Russian-Jewish-American Mash-Up, and Jonathan, a Mexican-Salvadoran-American Mash-Up, joined Rebecca and Amy in the studio for their first-ever interview as a couple. We talked parenting, chanclas, Gael Garcia Bernal, latkes, and what it feels like when your insides don’t match your outside. Mash-Up HQ: Where America Goes For Therapy.

Replay: Hasan Minhaj On The American Dream Tax

Hasan Minhaj drops his first Netflix comedy special, "Homecoming King, in just a few days, so we think it's an excellent time to revisit our awesome conversation with him. “Homecoming King" tells the story of New Brown America, aka Mash-Up America. He came to our studios to talk guilt, the American Dream, hip hop, his infamous Congressional mic drop, biryani rice terrorism, and the greatness of Zayn Malik. Oh, and that new Mash-Up Avengers squad we’re forming.

Living In Sickness And In Health

Suleika Jaouad, a first-generation Tunisian-Swiss-Muslim-American Mash-Up, battled cancer as a 22-year-old and kicked.its.ass. She also brought truth and joy to the world with her writings on cancer treatment and recovery with her column Life, Interrupted in The New York Times. She sat down with Rebecca and Amy to discuss sex —or lack thereof — as a cancer patient, why she’ll never eat rice pudding again, and what it’s like to be sick in a culture that doesn’t like to talk about death. Oh, and the life-changing importance of band camp.