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"Journalism on the Rebound"

Far from causing the downfall of journalism, as some have predicted, the digital age has resulted in a wealth of information sources, from 24-hour cable channels to internet bloggers to iPhone alerts. This, in addition to traditional newspapers, TV and radio news, means we’re never more than seconds away from the latest headlines. But which new media are credible? Who do you trust for unbiased information? According to Jim Lehrer, host of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, anyone who cares about the issues now just has to work a little harder to get accurate news. And anyone who cares about the business of journalism has to embrace the changes – or risk being thrown out with yesterday’s papers.

Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor, ““The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer”

Town Hall Vault Speakers:
Robert Klein, President, Klein & Company (1982)
Joel Chaseman, President, Post-Newsweek Stations (1981)
Jim Lehrer, Anchor, NewsHour (1998)

Gabriel Kahn, Los Angeles Bureau Chief, The Wall Street Journal

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