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"Governing California: Seeing the Future in the Rear-View Mirror"

Our next governor faces many of the same issues that have plagued the state since the days of Pat Brown – jobs, education, health care, taxes, immigration, taxes, water conservation and – more taxes. What lessons can he or she take from days gone by? During their campaigns, many of California’s past governors came to Town Hall to lay out their priorities for the state. For this special pre-Election Day Town Hall Journal, we dug deep into the vault for the voices of governors past – and you might be surprised at what we’ve uncovered. What does the political rhetoric of the past tell us about the present – and the future – of California?

TOWN HALL Speakers:
Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, former Governor of California (1978)
Jerry Brown, Governor of California (1978)
George Deukmejian, Republican candidate for Governor (1981)
Pete Wilson, Republican candidate for Governor (1990)
Gray Davis, Democratic candidate for Governor (1997)

Dan Walters, Political Columnist, The Sacramento Bee

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