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"Extraordinary Ordinary People: Condoleezza and Constance Rice"

One’s a former Secretary of State, a Stanford Scholar, an accomplished pianist – and a Republican. The other’s a noted civil rights attorney, named one of California’s top ten most influential lawyers – and a Democrat. But they’re cousins, sharing a family history that dates back to slavery days, as well as a passion for social justice that transcends party lines. This week on Town Hall Journal, Condoleezza Rice discusses her new book, Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family, with her cousin, Constance Rice. In the book, Dr. Rice shares her childhood memories of growing up in the Jim Crow south, as well as the family experiences and values that shaped her journey to the White House. Don’t miss this lively, insightful and intimate conversation between two very extraordinary women.

The Honorable Condoleezza Rice, 66th United States Secretary of State, author of "Extraordinary, Ordinary People: A Memoir of Family;" and Constance Rice, Co-director of The Advancement Project, Civil Rights Attorney

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Senator Bill Bradley (D-New Jersey)(1992)

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