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"Breaking the Gang Cycle"

Part and parcel with the history of Los Angeles is the evolution of gangs in America. Many Angeleno gangs are international crime syndicates and experts purport the number of 'Gangbangers' in LA to be a quarter of a million. Violent crime in the City is more often than not a byproduct of thug life. Is this a problem that's too big to solve? Host Judy Muller, introduces listeners to those who diligently work to bring peace to the streets. Council Member Janice Hahn discusses the genesis of the Watts Gang Task Force and the costs of prosecuting gang murders. Interventionist Fabian Montes from Homeboy Industries discusses how best to reach the youth. Brian Center, Executive Director of A Better LA (USC Football Coach, Pete Carroll's nonprofit) and Dr. Greg Ridgeway of RAND discuss the resources required to stop the cycle.

This week's Vault Segment highlights a 1990 TOWN HALL address by then LAPD Chief of Police, Darryl Gates, during which he proposes a radical solution for funding anti-gang programs. Lastly, listeners will hear from ex-gang members on the process of leaving gangs and finding alternative social groups. Don't miss this opportunity to learn what measures are taking place to break the gang cycle.

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