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"Calling the Plays at the NCAA"

When Theodore Roosevelt’s son broke his nose playing football in 1906, the president saw a need to make college athletics safer. The result was the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which has been responsible for regulating varsity sports ever since. But lately, some have called foul on the organization for allegedly exploiting student players. While their athletic talent can mean big bucks for their colleges and universities, the students see none of those riches, and in fact are required to sign away their image and likeness – perhaps in perpetuity. In his recent talk at Town Hall Los Angeles, NCAA president Mark Emmert contends that a college education, travel and other perks are ample compensation for amateur athletes. But the business of college sports is, arguably, anything but amateur. Now a pending class-action lawsuit by athletes against the NCAA could change the game as we know it forever.

Town Hall Speaker:
Mark Emmert, President, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Jeff Fellenzer, USC Professor in Sports, Business & Media

Town Hall Vault Speaker:
Jerry Buss, Owner, Los Angeles Lakers (1980)

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