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"The Daring Young Men and Women of the US Military"

One popular motto of the US Military is "To Win Hearts and Minds." Though the phrase make smack of war propaganda, it is practiced by the military. Throughout the history of warfare, the US has a long tradition of taking care of the citizens of occupied or invaded countries. Author Richard Reeves tells one such story in his book "Daring Young Men: The Heroism and Triumph of the Berlin Airlift," which tells the tales of the military men who delivered supplies and lifelines to the people of West Berlin. In a campaign that was supposed to last 30 days and lasted more than a year, these brave service men battled harsh conditions and the remnants of war to help those who were previously trying to kill them. Reeves wrote the book in response to the reports of military behavior during the Abu Ghraib scandal. Tune-in to hear this fascinating and not widely known story of post World War II Berlin.

Town Hall Speaker: Richard Reeves, author of “Daring Young Men: The Heroism and Triumph of The Berlin Airlift”

Town Hall Vault Speakers:
General Henry H. Shelton, Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff (2000)
General Richard Myers, Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff (2001)
General Anthony Zinni (Retired) (2006)
Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (2008)

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