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Water Woes

This week on TOWN HALL Journal, CEO of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, David Nahai,** speaks with Judy Muller on LA's ongoing water woes, proposed alternative methods to supply our region with water, and how some initiatives like conservation are working well while others like recycling have suffered from bad messaging. The Journal will also explore what local activists are touting as new solutions to our century-old problem. We'll dip into the Vault to hear the suggestions made by the CEO of DWP in 1980 to TOWN HALL. Join us as we discover how to quench our need for water. Tune in! **David Nahai resigned from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power days before the broadcast.

Mass Transit: The Promise and The Reality

This week on TOWN HALL Journal, Judy Muller discusses the promises of mass transit and the woes of traffic with CEO of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority, Art Leahy. Leahy outlines the expansion of the gold line, the subway to the sea, fare-based carpool lanes and other proposed solutions to our transportation problems. Our vault segment takes you back to 1980 when light-rail trains crisscrossing the city was the solution du jour. Muller also explores the future of interstate transportation via high-speed trains.

Gaming: Hollywood's Future?

Judy Muller discusses the future of the entertainment industry with Activision Blizzard's CEO Bobby Kotick. Kotick's recent address to TOWN HALL Los Angeles highlighted the success of the gaming industry and how Activison's game "Guitar Hero" has revitalized music publishing and music sales of classic rock and pop catalogues. Kotick and Muller address the costs of doing business in California and the entertainment industry's future in Hollywood. We go back in the Vault to explore whether any speakers predicted the shift from movies to games as the revenue windfall for entertainment companies.

Education Reform: New Solutions to Old Problems

TOWN HALL's weekly radio program, TOWN HALL Journal, debuts on 89.3 FM KPCC on Sunday, September 13 at 9:00PM. The first show is "Education Reform: New Solutions to Old Problems."