Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! for Saturday, February 22, 2014

Who's Carl This Time

Carl Kasell reads three quotes from the week's news: Dousing The Flame, The Art of Apology, and No Mo Bozo.

Panel Round One

Eight Lives Left.

Bluff The Listener

Our panelists tell three stories about an amazing discovery in the art world, only one of which is true.
How much does Warner actually know about warnings? We've invited the democratic senator from Virginia to play a game called "Danger! Get Away! Ahhhhh!"

Secrets Of The Amazon.Com

We tell our panelists about a book on Amazon, our panelists guess what Customers Who Bought That Also Bought. This week's category: Political Memoirs.

Panel Round Two

More questions for the panel: Leonardo da Ouchy.


Carl reads three news-related limericks: Pay As You Go, The Yippy Menace, and Dead Sexy.

Lightning Fill In The Blank

All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.


Our panelists predict how organizers will spice things up at the next Olympic games.
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