Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! for Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who's Carl This Time

Carl Kasell reads three quotes from the week's news: Cosmic Truth, This Crimean Life, Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

Panel Round One

Those Conservs Are Totes Adorbs.

Bluff The Listener

Our panelists tell three stories about someone standing up for what is right, one of which is true.
Before he was the star of a hilarious series of Old Spice commercials, Terry Crews played for the championship Western Michigan University Broncos in Kalamazoo, where we are taping the show this week.

Panel Round Two

More questions for the panel: The First Pants, A Knapsack for One Nap Stands, Hornythology.


Carl reads three news-related limericks: Mr. Right (Foot), The Canine King's Speech, McNuggetsaurus.

Lightning Fill In The Blank

All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.


Our panelists predict what will be the next great discovery in our universe.
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