Weekend Edition Sunday for Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chemical Weapons Deal Loaded With Baggage

The U.S.-Russia deal to destroy Syrian chemical weapons is being called one of the most challenging in the history of arms control. Host Rachel Martin speaks to Dmitri Trenin, the director of the Carnegie Center in Moscow, about Russia's position and influence on Syria.

Syrian War Spreads Tensions Into Neighboring Countries

Israel can't intervene without inflaming fundamentalist elements; Syrian refugees have cost Turkey about $2 billion so far; and the civil war has exacerbated political tensions inside Lebanon. Host Rachel Martin speaks with commentators from three of Syria's neighbors.

Colorado Flooding Forces Thousands From Homes

Some parts of the state have received 14 inches of rain since a storm began Wednesday night. NPR's Kirk Siegler reports on the massive rescue operation that continues in the flood-ravaged state.
Fifty years ago Sunday, the Klu Klux Klan bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, killing four black girls. The scars from those days still divide the city, making it a bellwether for America's ongoing civil rights struggle.

Will Death Verdicts In India Reduce Sexual Assaults?

The trial of the men accused of the horrific rape and murder of a young woman in Delhi is over. Four of the accused were sentenced to death. NPR's Julie McCarthy joins host Rachel Martin from New Delhi to discuss the question of whether anything will change.

All Things Considered Goes To Brazil

The country will host the World Cup next year for the first time since 1950. Host Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Melissa Block, host of All Things Considered, about the launch of a series of stories from Brazil.

A Most Noteworthy Puzzle

Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or name with the initials M.N. For example: Be pleasant in order to appease someone? Answer: Make Nice.

Remote Antarctic Trek Reveals A Glacier Melting From Below

After several years planning the difficult mission, scientists successfully drilled through Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier. They were stunned by what they found, and worry global sea levels could be at risk.

Mike Doughty Annuls The 'Dark Marriage' Of His Former Band

The former Soul Coughing frontman is revisiting his old band's work. Doughty's new album, Circles Super Bon Bon, presents those songs the way he says he'd always wanted them to sound.

Compensation Funds For Victims Of Tragedy A 'Small Solace'

Rachel Martin speaks with Kenneth Feinberg, who has helped distribute funds raised after tragedies like 9/11 and the Boston Bombings. He is the subject of this week's Sunday Conversation.

Did U.S.-Russia Deal Save Obama From Defeat On Syria?

The tentative deal to contain Syrian chemical weapons is still fraught with questions. How long will the president give the process before decides whether it genuine? Host Rachel Martin talks to NPR's Mara Liasson about President Obama and his choices in Syria.
Pink isn't just for girls — it's also for battleships. In a new book, design writer and synesthete Jude Stewart looks at color from linguistic, scientific and historical perspectives.

Traveling By Cargo, With Lots Of Reading Time

Rebecca Hall is back home after a month-long journey from Greece to Hong Kong by cargo ship. For Weekend Edition Sunday's travel segment, "Wingin' It," host Rachel Martin checks in with Hall to see how it went.

The Language You Use Might Save You Money

Economic professor Keith Chen talks with host Rachel Martin about his research on the correlations between language and behavior — specifically about the relationship between "strong future tense" and savings.

New Memoir Recounts Black Lives 'Reaped' Too Young

Author Jesmyn Ward lost her brother in a car wreck — and several friends in quick succession after that — all young black men, all dead before the age of 30. She tells their stories, and her own, in a wrenching new memoir, Men We Reaped.

The Olympics Has A Big Problem

And NPR's Mike Pesca, who just returned from the International Olympic Committee meeting in Argentina, knows how to fix it. He lets host Rachel Martin in on the secret.

The Voice Of Rocky And Natasha Earns An Emmy

June Foray, who created Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha the from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and many other characters, receives the Governor's Award at the Creative Arts Emmys on Sunday night.

Syria Deal Puts Russian, And Its Influence, In Spotlight

The deal to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons program brings together two unlikely leaders, President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Host Rachel Martin speaks to Russian journalist and Middle East specialist Konstantin von Eggert about Russia's position with and influence on Syria.
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