Weekend Edition Sunday for Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Libyan Prime Minister Was Kidnapped, Then Freed

Ali Zeidan was abducted and then released last week after the U.S. raided Tripoli to capture a senior al-Qaida suspect. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin speaks with professor Dirk Vandewalle, author of A History of Modern Libya, about Zeidan's many opponents and the role of militias in Libya.

Kerry, Afghans Reach Deal On Troop Withdrawal

In marathon talks in Kabul, Secretary of State John Kerry persuaded the reluctant Afghan president to agree to a deal on the planned withdrawal of American troops next year. While some questions about the agreement remain unresolved, it marks a diplomatic victory for Kerry. Now it is up to Karzai to sell it to his people.
Myanmar, also known as Burma, has struggled to end the ethnic insurgencies that have long divided the country. Now, the Kachin — the last of the insurgent groups that have been fighting the government — have signed a preliminary agreement that could end the conflict.
After Air Force reservist Denyse Gordon won the Ms. Veteran America contest in 2012, she found the courage to talk publicly about her experiences with sexual trauma in the military. She says she knew that to make every veteran proud, she needed to be transparent, and hopes to help others with her story.

How To Be A 'Super Forecaster'

Experts and pundits' predictions of the future aren't particularly accurate, according to University of Pennsylvania professor Philip Tetlock. He tells host Rachel Martin that making accurate predictions might be a trainable skill.

Can You Pass This -TE ST-?

Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or name with the consecutive letters T-E-S-T. Specifically, the first word will end with -TE and the second word will start ST-. For example, given "sheer force," you would say "brute strength."

Bill Nye Returns To Science Entertainment

Bill Nye, who gained a cult following as the Science Guy, has a new web series, a collaboration with NASA Why with Nye. He joins host Rachel Martin to talk about the new series.

'Flying Colours' Has No Fear Of Sincerity

Shadrach Kabango, also known as Shad, writes about music that's earnest without being corny. The Kenyan-born, Ontario-raised rapper talks with host Rachel Martin about his new album, Flying Colours.

Senators Hunt For Budget Agreement

Deal or no deal? That's the question in American politics right now as the shutdown drags on and the debt ceiling looms. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's political correspondent Mara Liasson.

Prices On Health Exchanges Vary By State

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act might affect Americans differently from state to state and case by case. Host Rachel Martin talks with Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation about what to expect.

Senate Gets A Dose Of Scolding With Its Morning Prayer

Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black has made no effort to hide his frustration with the political turmoil in his daily morning prayers.

A Decade On, A Boy, A Ball And A West Bank Wall

Ishaq Amer's home was cut off from his Palestinian village when Israel erected a separation barrier around the West Bank. More important to the 13-year-old at the time was that he was cut off from his soccer buddies. An American boy saw a documentary about Ishaq's family and wanted to know what happened to them.

Turow Explores Mystical Connections In 'Identical'

Scott Turow says some recent research in a case with DNA evidence inspired the plot of his new thriller, Identical. He tells host Rachel Martin about his interest in twins.

Scary Meets Catchy In Darkside's 'Psychic'

An electronic music prodigy joins a jazz bass prodigy in the band Darkside. Their first album, Psychic, is out now. Band members Nicholas Jaar and Dave Harrington join host Rachel Martin.
The taste of the drink can change with the imbiber's surroundings, according to a study from Oxford University. Researchers led people through three rooms with very different sights, sounds and smells — each brought out a new flavor in the whisky.

Worst NFL Team Takes On The Best

The dismal Jacksonville Jaguars play the formidable Denver Broncos today, a match-up that makes for the biggest point spread ever and possibly the worst regular season NFL game in a long time. NPR's Mike Pesca joins host Rachel Martin and can talk of nothing else.
The Food Network was intended for cooks, but it wasn't run by them. In a new tell-all book, Allen Salkin takes an unsparing look at the channel's progression from struggling cable startup to global powerhouse, and the people who rose and fell along the way.

The Blurry Tone Of 'Double Exposure'

Kelley Stoltz has been called the godfather of the hazy, washed out, poppy sound coming from the Bay Area. Host Rachel Martin talks with musician Kelley Stoltz about his new album, Double Exposure.
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