Weekend Edition Sunday for Sunday, November 17, 2013

As diplomats prepare to meet in Geneva to resume talks over Iran's nuclear program, talk in Congress turns to more sanctions. Meanwhile, Iranian citizens wonder if their lives will finally improve with a thaw in relations. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin speaks with New York Times Tehran bureau chief Thomas Erdbrink about Iranian public opinion.
Iran, a notoriously closed society, was the setting for a high-fashion magazine shoot, published in California-based FSHN. It may have been the first such fashion shoot in Iran for an international magazine since 1969. Host Rachel Martin speaks to the photographer, Afra Pourdad.

Navy, Marines Mobilize To Help Philippines By Air

The U.S. is using Navy helicopters and Marine Osprey cargo planes to get to remote typhoon-ravaged Philippine islands in areas that have been hard to reach. The coordinated effort is a complicated dance.
After 17 years as a priest, Thomas Groome decided that celibacy was "not life-giving" and left the priesthood to get married. He remains a devout Catholic and professor of theology and talks with host Rachel Martin about how having a family has enriched his faith.

Most-Traveled Man Hangs Up His Walkin' Shoes

Mike Spencer Bown has traveled and lived in every single country in the world, making him the most-traveled man, ever. He talked with host Rachel Martin about his 23-year-long adventure for Weekend Edition Sunday's travel segment, Wingin' It.

Mallomars: The Cookie Everyone Likes To Hoard

The mystique of Mallomars dates back to iceboxes and seasonal scarcity. Despite advances in modern refrigeration, people still stock up on the s'more-like cookies to tide them through the summer.

More Fun Than A Dead Rose

Every answer is a made-up, two-word phrase in which the vowel in the first word is a short "e" and the vowel in the second word is a long "o." For example: A place to meditate would be a "zen zone."
Author Dana Goodyear has spent a lot of time dining with foodies who champion bugs as a meal. And horses. And brains. Whales. Leaves. Weeds. Ash. Hay. Even plain dirt. Her new book documents the adventurous chefs and eaters who are redefining Americans' relationship with food.
The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter recently performed his very first Tiny Desk Concert. In a conversation with host Rachel Martin, he discusses how the experience reminded him of his days as an up-and-coming artist.

Obama's Bad Week

The president had a tumultuous week, admitting his administration "fumbled" the rollout of his health care law, and extending a one-year extension for insurance policies that would have been canceled under the new law. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR political correspondent Mara Liasson about President Obama's insecure footing.
Responding to a natural disaster requires old and new technology. Experts working on new social networking map apps, Wi-Fi and cell tower experts, and old-school amateur radio operators are all working to help Filipinos cope with the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
Objecting to the pending execution of the man who shot him 35 years ago, Flynt tells NPR: "I just don't think that government should be in the business of killing people. And I think punishment by putting someone in a 3-by-6 cell is a lot greater than if you snuff out their life in a few seconds with a lethal injection."

The NFL Game Of The Season

The 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs take on the 8-1 Denver Broncos Sunday night. It's being talked up as one of the greatest regular season match-ups of all time. Mike Pesca talks to host Rachel Martin about what this game tells us about the rest of the season.
Recumbent bikes are said to be much more comfortable to ride than traditional bikes, but they're also more expensive. One Wisconsin man hopes to make the low-riding bikes more affordable by building them out of conventional bike parts.

MSG, Seasoned For A Comeback

Umami, that savory fifth taste, has become a sought-after flavor in the culinary scene, but the food additive that embodies it hasn't fared so well. Invented in 1908, vilified in the '70s, monosodium glutamate may be poised to ride the umami wave back to glory.

Father And Son Make A Slow Connection In 'Nebraska'

An elderly father and his son take a painfully long drive from Billings, Mont., to Lincoln, Neb., ostensibly to collect the million-dollar prize that the father thinks he's won. Host Rachel Martin talks with Nebraska director Alexander Payne.

Ricky Martin Writes A 'Dreamer' For Children

Global music superstar and best-selling author Ricky Martin released his first children's book, Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars. The book was inspired by his own childhood relationship with his father. Ricky Martin joins host Rachel Martin to talk about reading to his own twin 5-year-old boys.

A Young Brit Takes On The American Songbook

Singer-songwriter and pianist Anthony Strong, 29, waited until he could create something "authentic" before launching his solo career. Now, he's mining the classic jazz-pop tradition on his new album, Steppin' Out.
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