Weekend Edition Sunday for Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crimeans Vote In Secession Referendum

Crimea votes on a referendum that would set the stage for secession from Ukraine. Correspondent Gregory Warner joins NPR's Rachel Martin to describe the atmosphere Simferopol.
Tens of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians live in New York City, and many with close ties to their countries are on edge over what's happening back home.
Protests continue to rock Venezuela as peaceful marches have turned violent.The list of grievances — rising crime, inflation — is long, but the main one for many is the scarcity of basic food.

Following His Father, A Palestinian Hopes For Peace

Yousef Bashir was 15 when he was shot in the back during the Israeli occupation of Gaza. He is now a student in the U.S. and hopes one day he'll become a diplomat and return home.
Overturning scientific dogma is tricky. Reporter Joe Palca tells NPR's Rachel Martin that one astronomer learned that lesson when he calculated that the universe was younger than colleagues believed.

Inside The Barely Legal World Of Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are altered at the molecular level to mimic illegal drugs, while staying inside the law. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with author Mike Power about how these drugs are made and sold.

A Chronicle Of Phony Tech Gadgets

Engadget, the technology web site, has a regular feature called Keepin' It Real Fake, charting the world's most notable tech rip-offs. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Engadget editor Michael Gorman.

Two Is Company, But Three Is A Crowd

A series of paired words will be provided. For each pair think of a third word that can follow the first one and precede the second to complete a familiar two-word phrase. Every answer stars with "W."
New York City's St. Patrick's Day parade bars groups marching with gay pride banners. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with writer Peter Quinn about the history of the parade and its meaning for outsiders.

Tycho: Music By A Visual Imagineer

On the new album Awake, Scott Hansen has taken his passion for design and merged it with his interest in ambient music.
The mystery of flight MH370 deepens, with police now investigating those on board. Malaysian police have confirmed that the homes of all the jetliner's crew have been searched.
Convoys of humanitarian aid trucks from Saudi Arabia are rolling through Jordan toward Syria. That puts Jordan in a precarious situation on the front line of the war.
In Syria, the media is mostly state-controlled, but opposition activists have found a way to get their message out: pirate radio. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Obai Sukar, who co-founded one such station that broadcasts in Syria.

Ukrainians Wary Of Putin's Designs On Their Country

People in Kiev are closely watching the referendum results in Crimea, amid fears that Russia plans further action in eastern Ukraine. Some residents are preparing for war.

Sergeant To Receive Long-Overdue Medal Of Honor

Melvin Morris served two tours of duty in Vietnam, but because of his race he didn't receive the Medal of Honor. Morris talks to NPR's Rachel Martin about the award he'll receive from President Obama.
After the 2011 tsunami in Japan, there was a jump in the number of people believing they were possessed. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Richard Lloyd Parry of The Times of London about this story.
Can fiction really be told in 140 characters or less? NPR's Rachel Martin asks best-selling author Brad Meltzer, who participated in this year's Twitter Fiction Festival, that very question.
NPR's Laura Sydell is afraid of heights, so when she got a first-person view from atop a castle, the experience was dizzying. Is Oculus Rift, the headset she was using, the future of entertainment?

Making Your Device Your Best Travel Companion

With all the travel apps to pick from, how do you know which ones to are the most useful? NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Tom Samiljan, tech correspondent for Travel and Leisure magazine.

'Rebel Music': When Hip-Hop Met Islam

From Afrika Bambaataa to Public Enemy and beyond, hip-hop has long been a culture to which young urban Muslims around the world can relate.
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