Wits is a conversation, comedy, songs and surprises, hosted by John Moe. Recorded live at the Fitzgerald Theater, Wits brings together world-class comedians, actors and musicians for a night they – and the audience – will never forget.

Recent Episodes

51: Bobcat Goldthwait with Matt Nathanson

On this week's episode, comedian and movie director Bobcat Goldthwait talks Bigfoot, singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson explains his love for KISS, and the feud between Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd takes an unexpected turn in Pop Song Correspondences.

49: Kristen Schaal with Typhoon

On this week's show, comedian and actor Kristen Schaal is a mom with a powerful fanny pack, and we finally find out the name of America's horse in the desert. Plus, music from the Portland-based band Typhoon.

58: Audience Choice Show 2014

We asked listeners to tell us the segments they loved. Their favorites: Amazon Review Theater with Paul F. Tompkins and Keegan-Michael Key, Pop Song Correspondences, angels in our appliances, Linus losing it. Plus, Har Mar Superstar with a full horn section.

57: Kumail Nanjiani with Valerie June (Part Two)

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani talks about his first time in America, his HBO show Silicon Valley, and his love for video games. And we hear music from singer/songwriter Valerie June, who tells us how sometimes songs come to her in different voices.