Wits is a conversation, comedy, songs and surprises, hosted by John Moe. Recorded live at the Fitzgerald Theater, Wits brings together world-class comedians, actors and musicians for a night they – and the audience – will never forget.

Recent Episodes

Episode 45: Marc Maron with Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires

On this week's show, podcast icon Marc Maron tells us about a very memorable encounter with Iggy Pop, singer/songwriters Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires make beautiful music together, and we come face to face with Murder Cat! Plus, in our Pop Song Correspondence, we stop the world to melt with Superman.

Episode 44: Andy Richter with Neko Case

On this week's show, Tom Waits, Abraham Lincoln and Morrissey tell us about their snack foods for kids, Neko Case sings from her latest album and tells us about her love for heavy metal, and TV's Andy Richter is a prom king forever.

Episode 41: Maria Bamford with Thao Nguyen

On this week's show, comedian Maria Bamford is a pro wrestler who becomes a substitute English teacher. Plus, singer/songwriter Thao Nguyen rocks songs from her latest album.

Episode 55: Kumail Nanjiani with Valerie June

Comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani tells us what happens when you Google a smell, singer/songwriter Valerie June explains how she's able to smile when she sings the blues, and the premiere installment of Wikihow Theater.

Episode 54: Jen Kirkman with Bob Mould

Comedian Jen Kirkman tells us what it's like to make an episode of Drunk History, punk rock godfather Bob Mould performs tracks from his latest album, and we hear why dead author Franz Kafka is so upset with Pharrell Williams.

Episode 40: Jason Ritter with Dessa

Actor Jason Ritter explains his fascination with puns and gives handsome people advice on how to be handsomer. Singer/rapper/writer Dessa confesses her love for the elderly and warns against serpents with bad circulation.