Wits is a conversation, comedy, songs and surprises, hosted by John Moe. Recorded live at the Fitzgerald Theater, Wits brings together world-class comedians, actors and musicians for a night they – and the audience – will never forget.

Recent Episodes

Episode 31: Chris Kluwe and Dave Hill with Sara Watkins

NFL punter/author Chris Kluwe and comedian/author Dave Hill join the Cop Squadron, and Sara Watkins sings songs from her latest album, Sun Midnight Sun. Plus, we hear a Pop Song Correspondence from the Rocknrollsburg civil engineering department.

Episode 41: Maria Bamford with Thao Nguyen

On this week's show, comedian Maria Bamford is a pro-wrestler who becomes a substitute English teacher. Plus, singer/songwriter Thao Nguyen rocks songs from her latest album.

Episode 40: Jason Ritter with Dessa

Actor Jason Ritter explains his fascination with puns and gives handsome people advice on how to be handsomer. Singer/rapper/writer Dessa confesses her love for the elderly and warns against serpents with bad circulation.

Episode 29: David Koechner, with Metric

Actor and comedian David Koechner becomes Dutch, who, with his brother Small Eric, try to help the town they live in with their repair businesses. Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric perform a stunning stripped-down set of songs.

Episode 28: Hannibal Buress, with Open Mike Eagle

Stand-up comedian and 30 Rock/SNL veteran Hannibal Buress tells about the childhood of Alex Trebek. Hip hop artist Open Mike Eagle has a question for the Party People, and we find out what you really get at a deli when you place a certain lunch order.

Episode 39: David Cross with Har Mar Superstar

Comedian, actor, director David Cross talks about Arrested Development's Tobias Funke and Alvin and the Chipmunks, Har Mar Superstar lays down his sweet soul sounds, and the two compete in the Wits Game Show: The R&B singer vs. the Slam Poet.