Wits is a conversation, comedy, songs and surprises, hosted by John Moe. Recorded live at the Fitzgerald Theater, Wits brings together world-class comedians, actors and musicians for a night they – and the audience – will never forget.

Recent Episodes

Episode 7: Julia Sweeney and Martha Wainwright

Martha Wainwright sings, Julia Sweeney tells stories. Listen up, and you will laugh. Hard. You will cry -- unless your heart is a blackened lump of coal, in which case you will at minimum have strong emotional stirrings. Snoopy might die. Or not.

Episode 14: New Fall Season, Paul F. Tompkins and Aimee Mann

This week: Comedian and actor Paul F. Tompkins (also host of the Pod F. Tompkast) with the Oscar and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Aimee Mann, as well as an EMU ATTACK, and a visit from President James K. Polk the time-traveling repairman.

Episode 17: Bobcat Goldthwait, Steven Page and Dave Pirner

Bobcat Goldthwait, Esquire Magazine's Director of the Year for his movie God Bless America, makes his pitch to become public radio's morning shock jock, and we hear from an exasperated contractor working on Robert Plant's stairway to heaven.

Episode 15: Fred Willard and Dan Wilson

This week's show features comedy icon Fred Willard from Best in Show and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy with Grammy-award winning songwriter and producer Dan Wilson, and a Commercial Showdown Throwdown game show.

Episode 9: Maria Bamford and Brandi Carlile

In this episode of Wits, top touring comedian Maria Bamford transforms into a mermaid obsessed with the Showtime series Homeland, host John Moe becomes a guy at the bottom of the well, dying from Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe, and Brandi Carlile blows us all away with the sheer power of her voice and her solid comedic chops.

Episode 25: Patton Oswalt with Ben Lee

In this week's show, comedian and actor Patton Oswalt and host John Moe are John Oates and Daryl Hall: Animal Control Officers in our Maneater Pop Song Correspondence. Singer-songwriter Ben Lee squares off with Patton in our Wits Game Show, and we've got another Charlie Brown story. In this latest installment, featuring John Moe, Patton Oswalt and actress Ione Skye, Linus quits his blanket cold turkey and has a spiritual epiphany.