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Recent Episodes

Options for dealing with North Korea, Trump readies to meet Putin, and Volvo goes (mostly) electric

Why North Korea may be a problem we have to live with. Plus, a Korean-American points out that deterrence keeps the peace. And Presidents Trump and Putin are about to meet face-to-face. We preview their possible talking points. Also, a year-long investigation in Israel spotlights the government's secret plan to get rid of its African refugees.

North Korea sends the US a July 4 message

North Korea says it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. Host Carol Hills turns to Jean Lee in Seoul to learn more. Then Mary Kay Magistad, our former Beijing correspondent, takes a big-picture look at how the US and China might work together, or separately, to solve the North Korea problem. Also, The World's history guy, Chris Woolf, explores the role that Russia played in the American Revolution.

Supporting a strongman

The backlash over President Donald Trump's smackdown video of CNN gets us talking about world leaders and their relationships with the press. We'll hear about strongmen in Turkey and the Philippines. Also, Stephen Hawking on global warming, plus insights on Russia, election hacking and Kaspersky Lab. Plus, the strange ultimatum delivered to the Gulf nation of Qatar by four of its neighbors, led by Saudi Arabia.

On the front lines against ISIS, Simone Veil and when does a dialect become a language?

According to reports, ISIS has lost more than 50 percent of the territory it once held. We'll look at where things stand in the battle against ISIS, three years on. Also, a couple engaged to be married have been caught up in Donald Trump's immigration and travel ban. But a last minute change in policy may have given them some hope amid the confusion. Plus, the hard-to-define difference between a language and dialect.

New visa rules, drones of a different kind, and fat becomes bio-fuel

The Trump administration tries to clarify its new visa rules after the Supreme Court allows a partial travel ban. Plus, brothers who worked as translators for American forces in Iraq have been trying to get their ailing father to the US, but have run into a lot of red tape. And, "Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor": A Muslim woman in Michigan is inviting strangers over for dinner to talk about Islam.

Hacking Ukraine and beyond, Hong Kong pop with a purpose, and will the Navajo Nation leave coal behind?

Another cyberattack is wreaking havoc across Europe. And, Western tech companies in Russia have been complying with demands to hand over the source code of their products for government officials to review. Plus, the time when North and South Korea teamed up to win a world championship in table tennis. Also, the Navajo Nation says it might be time to leave coal behind.