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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 08/11/2015

Google undergoes a major restructuring with a new parent and a new leader. Also, Nigerian-German author Jennifer Teege made a terrifying discovery — her grandfather was an infamous Nazi commander, the one portrayed in "Schindler's List." Her new book is called, "My Grandfather Would've Shot Me." Plus, we hear why South Sudan's only brewery may soon have to shut down.

PRI's The World: 08/10/2015

Japanese officials are preparing to restart one of the country's nuclear power plants, which has been closed since the Fukushima disaster four years ago. Plus, we'll introduce you to the bravest and perhaps proudest postal worker in all of Bamako, Mali. Also, Boston has a new Chief Resilience Officer charged with helping Bostonians dealing with climate change, terrorism and social unrest.

PRI's The World: 08/07/2015

The intersection of environment and politics is our starting point. This week's announcement of President Obama's Clean Power Plan calls for big reductions in emissions from US power plants, while in China the government may have an easier time at shifting to clean energy. Plus, we hear more about the murder of a Bangladeshi blogger — the fourth since February. And we close the week with a Brazilian jazz big band that's touring the US for the first time.

Special Coverage: Hiroshima Generations Episode 4

In this fourth and final podcast marking the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, A-bomb survivors are helping people who lived in Fukushima's nuclear danger zone to deal with fear, radiation and discrimination.

PRI's The World: 08/06/2015

More than a year after President Obama announced a program that trains thousands of rebel troops to fight ISIS in Syria, we find out that very few have been trained. Also, in part four of our series "Hiroshima Generations," we hear how Hiroshima survivors have been trying to help those who are still struggling in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. Plus, on the day that Jon Stewart signs off as host of the Daily Show, we speak with comedian Lalo Alcaraz who considers himself a fan of Stewart, particularly because of his commentaries on immigration over the years.

PRI's The World: 08/05/2015

President Obama's speech at American University is his latest attempt to sell the Iran nuclear deal to skeptics in Washington. The president chose American University as the venue for his speech, the same place where in 1963 President Kennedy famously sold his idea of talking to the Soviets about nuclear disarmament. Also, we hear why the chant "Death to America" remains a fixture of life for many Iranians. Plus, only 40 people got to see the Master Musicians of Joujouka when they performed at a festival in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. We'll speak to someone who went.