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PRI's The World: 05/19/2015

Voters in Ireland are about to vote on whether to approve same-sex marriage, and the polls are predicting a "yes" victory. In Northern Ireland, meanwhile, it's the case of a cake with a pro-gay marriage design that's making headlines. Plus, a sitar player remembers how David Letterman gave him his big break.

PRI's The World: 05/18/2015

We hear about ISIS's capture of Ramadi in western Iraq, and what it means in the battle against the Islamist group. We also take a look at actor John Cho, who last fall became the first Asian American man to star in a romantic comedy on TV. Plus, we tell you about a group of female bikers in Dubai who belong to a stereotype-defying club of motorcycle enthusiasts.

PRI's The World: 05/15/2015

Convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death. Plus, Brazilians, fed up with lenient penalties for juvenile offenders, seriously consider lowering the prison sentencing age from 18 to 16. Also, legendary blues musician BB King died Thursday, age 89. We find out how King's global influence reached every music corner of the world.

PRI's The World: 05/14/2015

Today we focus on surveillance, particularly the bulk collection of phone records that Congress just voted to end. Then, we look at how the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore put the spotlight on how African Americans there fear the police. In some ways, Baltimore's immigrants feel that way too. Finally, a massive NATO military training exercise is currently under way in the North Sea — they're pretending to hunt Russian subs.

PRI's The World: 05/13/2015

It's now up to a jury, whether to sentence Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death or life in prison. And it may come down to a matter of conscience or a matter of faith. Also, there's another migrant crisis brewing, but it's not in the Mediterranean. It's off the coast of Thailand, where thousands of refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh are stranded at sea. Plus, a secret election took place in Germany this week that has left classical musical lovers scratching their heads.

PRI's The World: 05/12/2015

Another earthquake hits Nepal causing more fear and destruction. We hear from Kathmandu on what it's been like today, where people are still recovering from last month's devastating quake. Plus, Cuban researchers have been working on a vaccine for lung cancer for some time, and it looks like researchers in the US will join in. Also, we'll do a taste test of Canadian butter tarts. They're supposed to be the answer to the chocolate chip cookie.