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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 06/08/2015

The ruling party in Turkey lost some of its grip on power over the weekend. We find out why this matters for a nation at the crossroads of East and West. Also, in Mexico, we hear how voters are being allowed, for the first time, to vote for candidates running as independents. Plus, what kind of tricked-out robot makes the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency sit up and take notice? A team from South Korea knows.

PRI's The World: 06/05/2015

Suspicion falls on China after a major hacking attack on US government computers, but the investigation is just beginning. Plus, a solar-powered lightbulb helps break gender barriers in rural Zanzibar. Also, the French Open tennis tournament finishes up this weekend at the Roland Garros complex in Paris, but who WAS Roland Garros exactly? We hear the story on the name from a journalist who's in Paris right now.

PRI's The World: 06/04/2015

Surgical mask sales are up, and more than 1,000 schools are closed in South Korea as the country tries to contain the virus known as MERS. Also, we bring you the story of a man who tested positive for HIV decades ago, but never developed symptoms. For the past 20 years he's donated blood every month, so that doctors can figure out why he's remained asymptomatic. Plus, we hear a preview for the Women's World Cup — which is being overshadowed by the recent scandals involving world soccer's governing body, FIFA.

PRI's The World: 06/03/2015

What caused authorities to shoot and kill a man under investigation in a terrorism case in Boston? We hear more about what goes into such investigations. We also hear why the Iraqi army can't seem to win against ISIS, and why Cuban authorities came down on a performance artist over her staged reading of a 50-year-old book.

PRI's The World: 06/02/2015

Caitlyn Jenner made her debut on the Vanity Fair cover on Monday announcing her change from being known as former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner — and sparking conversations globally on transgender rights. Also, we hear a story from the Balkans on the current wave of nostalgia for the old Cold War days of Yugoslavia and Tito. Plus, some say the mobile phone is killing the internet cafe, and we'll tell you how.

PRI's The World: 06/01/2015

Key provisions of the Patriot Act have expired. While Congress and the Obama administration wrangle in Washington, we head to Canada to hear about the Canadian version of the Patriot Act, and what kind of debate that's causing north of the border. Plus, new rules went into effect in Beijing today, outlawing smoking in public places. It's sure to cause a stir in a place where well over half of adult men smoke. Also, every year New York's transit authority holds auditions for musicians to play in the subway, and many of the musicians who apply come from all over. We tag along at this year's auditions.