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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 09/21/2016

Climate change gets personal. Two brothers, one in New Orleans and the other in Honduras, struggle with the impact of climate change on their homes. We also take a look at a move in France to outlaw plastic plates, cups, forks and spoons. Plus, we hear about a chance meeting in Toronto, between a journalist and the war victims she interviewed in Syria.

PRI's The World: 09/20/2016

A huge fire in a refugee camp on Lesbos forces 5,000 people to flee. Today we learn more. And, we also hear about refugees living in the Netherlands and how they are overcoming their image as victims. Plus, we take a look at how the votes of North Carolina's 700,000 military veterans could be key this November.

PRI's The World: 09/19/2016

A suspect wanted in connection with this weekend's explosion in New York City is now in custody. Also, how the Somali American community in St. Cloud, Minnesota is reacting to a knife attack at a local shopping mall this weekend. Plus, a young fashion designer from Caracas, Venezuela puts his talents on the line alongside others competing this season on "Project Runway."

PRI's The World: 09/16/2016

Is foreign money influencing US elections? We consider the question. Then we talk to Rupa Shenoy, creator of the Otherhood podcast, about how the Laotian community in the US helped push Washington to take responsibility for unexploded bombs littering the countryside in Laos. And, all the advertising at one London Underground station has been replaced by pictures of ... cats.

PRI's The World: 09/15/2016

A new Netflix documentary, "White Helmets," follows the volunteers who rush in after Syrian airstrikes to save those buried in the rubble. Marco Werman speaks with the director and producer. Also, today marks the 100th anniversary of a major innovation in warfare: the battle tank. Plus, we hear about the adventures of a "Hajj rookie."

PRI's The World: 09/14/2016

A former refugee from Afghanistan is now designing drones, and he's doing it to save the lives of other refugees. Plus, we check on how the ceasefire in Syria is holding up. Marco Werman speaks with a resident of a rebel-held area of Aleppo. Also, Guatemalan singer Gaby Moreno has a new bilingual album out, in Spanish and English. She tells Marco about that, and about the time when as a 10-year-old she opened for Ricky Martin.