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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 8/07/2014

With a ceasefire holding — but due to expire tomorrow morning — we go inside the Gaza strip, where residents are accessing the damage after almost a solid month of intense bombardment. Also, some Israelis question their military's doctrine, which instructs soldiers to fire heavily if an Israeli soldier is taken captive by the enemy — even at the risk of killing the captive soldier. Plus, a graphic artist returns from Dubai, where she's seen the squalid conditions many foreign workers working for Western interests face.

PRI's The World: 8/06/2014

Imagine thinking you've lost your family, only to reconnect decades later. That's what happened to an Argentinan grandmother who found her grandson 36 years after he was taken during the country's "dirty war." Also, the Russian government is threatening to break apart a family after ordering the American mother to leave the country immediately. Plus, Gaza's cement problem, using cows to mow lawns, and what you should do to protect your personal information from that Russian hacking ring.

PRI's The World: 8/05/2014

A Russian-American writer tells us how Russians view the conflict in Ukraine and the language being used to describe it. Also, we speak to the daughter of a US aid worker kidnapped three years ago in Pakistan. Plus, the global roots and outreach of AC/DC.

PRI's The World: 8/04/2014

We're still following some tough stories, including the war in Gaza, the Ebola outbreak and the controversy over underage migrants crossing the border into the US. The World's Jason Margolis is just back from the Mexico-Texas border where he's been visiting detention centers and talking with people there. Also today, reports on the resurgence of a protest movement in Japan. And a summit of nearly 50 African leaders gets under way this week in Washington.

PRI's The World: 8/01/2014

It was depressingly, but not unexpectedly, brief; a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire falls apart within hours in Gaza. Also, a Ugandan court strikes down the country's anti-homosexuality law on technical grounds. Plus, Native Americans take exceptions to the rich and famous wearing head dresses. Yep, they're looking at you, Pharrell.

PRI's The World: 7/31/2014

The Ebola outbreak continues to worsen in West Africa. Should you be concerned about it reaching the US? Plus, is Israel's military campaign in Gaza changing the attitudes of American Jews toward Israel? Also, a local story with global connections. A popular supermarket chain here in New England was founded by a Greek immigrant. It still caters to and employs a large number of immigrants, but now a highly unusual labor dispute threatens the chain's existence.