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An award-winning daily show, “PRI's The World” brings one-of-a-kind international stories home to America. "The World's" coverage is provided by a global network of international journalists, including access to 250 BBC correspondents.

Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 03/08/2016

Retired Admiral John Kirby now serves as John Kerry's spokesman at the State Department. He talks about where the situation in Syria is going next. Plus, it's been two years since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared without a trace. A lot of time and money has been spent trying to locate the wreckage and find out what happened to the flight. Is the expense worth it? Also, don't be scared of the dogfish. Yes, it's ugly, but a lot of people around the globe think it's tasty, too — just not many Americans. We hear about efforts to rebrand dogfish to appeal to American taste buds.

PRI's The World: 03/07/2016

Today we take a look at how Nancy Reagan got along with Raisa Gorbachev. Nancy Reagan's death over the weekend has many in Russia remembering the chilly relationships between the 'two alpha women' married then to the two most powerful leaders in the world. We also hear about a push to help refugees in Belgium through continuing education, and a bit of environmental good news: a rebound in the number of monarch butterflies wintering in central Mexico.

PRI's The World: 03/04/2016

What is life like under the Syrian ceasefire? We hear from one woman still living in a rebel-held part of Aleppo who refuses to leave and has been busy distributing food, clothes and medicine to fellow residents. Also, floated at the GOP presidential debate last night was the idea of sending US ground troops into Libya. Both Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich say they would support such a move. Plus, long before the Zika outbreak in Brazil, the virus hit the island of Tahiti. Scientists are still studying what happened there, and trying to figure out what lessons Tahiti can teach us about stopping the spread of the Zika.

PRI's The World: 03/03/2016

How will the next president deal with climate change? The US made big promises at the climate change summit in Paris last December. The World's environment reporter Carolyn Beeler, who was in Paris, explores what might happen, depending on who wins the White House. Then, staying on the political beat, we'll hear from a Trump supporter in Florida. Pola Hansberger is originally from Nicaragua, and runs her own group called "Legal Immigrants for America." Host Marco Werman finds out why she's a fan of Trump. Plus, we check in with an Italian novelist who has become a fake Republican presidential candidate.

PRI's The World: 03/02/2016

First we hear about the big wins last night for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and get the view from overseas with two ex-pat voters — a Republican living in London, and a Democrat living in Stockholm. We'll also hear about what the Centers for Disease Control are doing to combat the Zika virus, particularly here in the United States. Finally, we bring you the tale of an Ecuadorian star runner turned hip-hop musician.

PRI's The World: 03/01/2016

Host Marco Werman continues to bring you stories from his recent trip to Iran. Today, he and producer Matthew Bell profile three young Iranians who trained in tech fields in the US and Europe, but returned to Iran to be part of Tehran's startup scene. Staying in Iran, we also touch base with a reporter who helps us understand the results from Iran's recent parliamentary elections, which saw hardliners suffer some setbacks. Plus, we hear about female skateboarders in Cuba and a group of thieves called the Dead Zoo Gang.