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PRI's The World: 01/15/2015

Does the Quran really ban the depiction of Prophet Mohamed, and what's the history of the debate? We take a look. Plus, an NGO in South Africa is working with men and families to change their country's culture of violence against women. And: Freedom Sliders. They're Canadians who are fed up with local bans on sledding, and are taking to the local toboggan runs to make their point.

PRI's The World: 01/14/2015

The new Charlie Hebdo is out and there's very little chance of getting your hands on a copy. But we will tell you about some of the provocative cartoons inside. And while the attacks are still troubling many Parisians, that hasn't stopped a few French residents from praising the violent acts. Also, in post-apartheid South Africa, we meet a woman who started an organic market, hoping to bring the still segregated ethnic groups together.

PRI's The World: 01/13/2015

French authorities continue to search for accomplices from last week's deadly attacks. Meanwhile, Charlie Hebdo prepares a new edition with a cover that will feature a Mohammed cartoon. Also, an American Episcopal priest who was ministering in Manhattan after 9/11, is now ministering in Paris. Plus, we look at the legacy of Apartheid on women in Cape Town, and why one Costa Rican town puts molasses on roads.

PRI's The World: 01/12/2015

Parisians try to regain a sense of normality today amid extremely tight security. And the situation with Boko Haram in Nigeria seems to be getting worse. There were reports late last week that a Boko Haram attack left 2,000 dead. Plus, we head to Haiti, where an earthquake five years ago today killed hundreds of thousands and left the island nation devastated.

PRI's The World: 01/09/2015

An incredible day of breaking news out of France. We devote today's show to developments. Our London producer, Leo Hornak, is reporting from Paris where he's been interviewing French Muslims outside the Grand Mosque. Plus, our own Clark Boyd, who reported from Brussels for several years, explores Europe's divisions against the backdrop of the financial crisis. And we hear about echoes of the story here in Boston, in the wake of the deadly Marathon bombings and the city-wide lockdown.

PRI's The World: 01/08/2015

The investigation and manhunt is ongoing in France after Wednesday's attack on the staff of a satirical magazine in Paris. Also, we look at the debate between the nature of satire and limits of free speech. Plus, it may be cold today, but last year was likely the hottest year on record.