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PRI's The World: 07/13/2016

Wednesday on The World we hear from Dallas area Imam Omar Suleiman. He spoke at Tuesday's memorial service for the five police officers who were killed last week in an ambush. Plus, one of the few things Russians and Ukrainians can agree on these days — television. And, why Larry, the 10 Downing Street cat, seems to be a rock of stability amid big political changes in Britain.

PRI's The World: 07/12/2016

President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush were in Dallas on Tuesday for a memorial service honoring the police officers killed in last week's ambush at a Black Lives Matter rally. Both speak to the racial divides plaguing the nation. Also, we'll have the story of a Liberian man who fled that country's civil war and came to America, but then decided to move back, in part because of the racism he faced in America. Plus, an international tribunal in The Hague has ruled that China's claim to much of the resources of the South China Sea has no legal basis.

PRI's The World: 07/11/2016

Today we take a hard look at America's racial fault lines. Sometimes you have to look at a problem from the outside to better understand it. We'll give you a couple of international perspectives on the recent racially charged violence in the United States. A black British cop tells Marco Werman about how he's been stopped more than 30 times during "stop and frisk" encounters in Britain. Also, we'll head to the Bahamas to hear why the country has issued a warning to its citizens traveling to the US. Plus, we hear the amazing back story of the man who helped Portugal win the Euro 2016 soccer tournament, today on The World.

PRI's The World: 07/08/2016

We start with the latest news after a shooting attack in Dallas left five police officers dead. Then, a radio host in Minnesota tells us how the community there is coping with the shock of Philando Castile's shooting death earlier this week by a police officer. Brazil is a country that also experiences a high number of police shootings, involving officers killing civilians and police being fired on, as well. We hear from a reporter in Brazil.

PRI's The World: 07/07/2016

Could better training prevent police violence? Chuck Wexler with the Police Executive Research Forum has traveled internationally to study how other countries train their police forces to prevent tense situations from escalating to the point that officers use force. We also hear the story of a Latino man who was shot and killed by police in San Francisco in 2014. His death set off questions about racial profiling, lawsuits and protests — and led an effort for the Latino community to heal through theater.

PRI's The World: 07/06/2016

Britain re-examines its involvement in the Iraq War. A scathing report issued in Britain condemns former Prime Minister Tony Blair for leading the UK into the Iraq War based on flawed intelligence and without proper planning. Also, we'll have former Colombian presidential candidate and rebel hostage Ingrid Betancourt on the show. Marco asks her whether she thinks peace could really be breaking out in Colombia, after the recent ceasefire agreement between the government and the leftist FARC rebels. Plus, we hear why some say the traditional childhood pastime of street hockey is under threat in Canada.