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PRI's The World: 05/08/2015

What's it like to be the State Department's Farsi-language spokesman? We'll tell you. Also, we take a look at Baltimore's immigrant population, with help from an expert on relations between Blacks and Asian immigrants in America. Plus, do you like octopuses enough to worship them? Some folks in French Polynesia do — sort of.

PRI's The World: 05/07/2015

A former Guantanamo detainee being held in a Canadian prison has been granted bail. We'll explain why. Then, we'll bring you two stories about the nail salon business: One, from the West Coast, explains why so many nail salons there are owned by Vietnamese immigrants. The other story comes from the East Coast, and explores the darker side of the business — including abusive labor practices. Plus, the campaign is over in Britain and voters are pretty tired of listening to their politicians. That might explain why half a million Brits tuned in last night to watch a two-hour TV show featuring a barge floating peacefully down a canal ... and nothing else.

PRI's The World: 05/06/2015

Today we hear about Boko Haram hostages who were rescued in a Nigerian forest — and what their futures hold for them. Also, it's likely that the ferry from Cuba to Florida may be back. We hear what the ride used to be like, and may soon be like again. Plus, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is opening an exhibit in a small, resort town in Wyoming.

PRI's The World: 05/05/2015

ISIS says "two soldiers of the caliphate" were responsible for Sunday's attack at a Texas contest for Muhammad cartoons. It's the first time the group has claimed responsibility for an attack in the United States. We'll have more. Also, both France and Canada consider enhanced anti-terror legislation. Plus, today is Cinco de Mayo, and probably the only reason you know about this Mexican holiday is because of the company that makes Corona beer.

PRI's The World: 05/04/2015

We are staying on top of developments in Texas, in the wake of a shooting at an event featuring cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad this weekend. We'll chat with a Muslim leader in the Garland, Texas, area where the shooting took place, and examine the similarities and differences in this attack and the one on Charlie Hebdo in Paris earlier this year. Also, we bring you the story of an artist in Nicaragua who is using graffiti to help young women chart new courses for themselves. Plus, writer Tom Downey gives us his "Ten Commandments of Sushi."

PRI's The World: 05/01/2015

Tesla debuts a battery system for the home that would be powered by renewable energy and hopefully help people get off the grid altogether, but will the price be right for consumers? And what happens when the battery runs out? Plus, staying on the tech front, we hear how drones are being used to help recovery and relief efforts in Nepal. Also, a Vietnamese refugee tells us his story, and remembers coming to terms with such American things as Scooby Doo cartoons and Halloween.