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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 5/20/14

China says the US indictment of five Chinese military officers for cyber-spying is straining relations between Beijing and Washington. Also, the US pledges never to use vaccination programs as a cover for intelligence gathering overseas, but some say the damage to public health may already be done. And, why some middle-aged men in Korea have become K-Pop groupies.

PRI's The World: 5/19/14

The US charges five members of the Chinese military with cyber-espionage. And, we try to pick up the pieces in the middle of Syria's civil war. We hear from two besieged cities: Homs and Damascus. Plus, why Russia's alphabet may be shrinking, by one letter.

PRI's The World: 5/16/14

Dramatic election results in India on Friday. How do Indian Americans view the big changes there? And will India's foreign policy change as a result? Plus, Toyota pulls up roots in Torrance, California and heads for Texas. We take a look back at Toyota's history in southern California. And, we find out what gallery-goers in Moscow think about an American's photographs of New Orleans.

PRI's The World: 5/15/14

President Obama toured the new September 11th museum on Thursday. The creation of the memorial has a tangled history and it aims to commemorate and educate at the same time. Also, the abrupt exit of New York Times editor Jill Abramson came on the same day the top editor at the French daily Le Monde, also a woman, resigned from her job. Plus, a new biography of Andre the Giant, the most popular professional wrestling villain of all time.

PRI's The World: 5/14/14

A deadly fire at a mine in Turkey sparks anger. Also, a look at why C-section rates in Brazil are so high. And it's Colombia, not Columbia. A campaign to get the rest of the world to spell the country's name right.

PRI's The World: 5/13/14

The father of one of the kidnapped Nigerian girls speaks out. And, just how much attention is the Nigeria story is getting? A social media expert talks about the media storm and how it could backfire. Also, climate change and wine. In England, grapes are doing well under milder weather.