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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 04/15/2016

A former CIA agent discusses his days undercover in Afghanistan and Syria, and the demons those days left behind. Also, efforts to fight climate change in Florida, and what's happening to the Antarctic ice shelf. The two are not unrelated, by the way. Plus, some bomb-sniffing dogs who would rather eat sausages.

PRI's The World: 04/14/2016

It's been two years since more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram militants in the Nigerian town of Chibok. Now, a video has surfaced that seems to show some of the girls alive and well. Plus, we have a conversation with actress Milana Vayntrub. You probably know her as the woman in the blue oxford shirt in the AT&T ads, but she also runs an organization called "Can't Do Nothing," which is working to help raise awareness of refugee issues worldwide. Also, new research out of Britain suggests that LSD can get normally segregated regions of the brain to start chatting with each other.

PRI's The World: 04/13/2016

A daughter and her father speak about a controversial immigration debate that could affect millions of people in the US. Next week, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about the legality of DACA, President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration. At the heart of this is whether to let four million immigrants without legal status stay in the US. We also hear from two Americans with immigrant backgrounds who are lighting up the world of poetry and literature. Plus, Inky the octopus managed to escape from his tank in New Zealand's national aquarium — and make it to the ocean.

PRI's The World: 04/12/2016

Today, we hear how to deal with Americans who have gone to fight with ISIS, but have come back to the US. Plus, Brazil's political soap opera continues, with President Dilma Rousseff one step closer to being thrown out of power. Also, we head north to try to find out why there's been a spate of suicide attempts among the people of the Attawapiskat First Nation in northern Ontario. And then, did Led Zeppelin rip off a US rock band when they wrote Stairway to Heaven?

PRI's The World: 04/11/2016

Today we hear about new research on the diversity of life on Earth. It turns out that on the so-called "Tree of Life," humans occupy a branch that scientists say keeps getting smaller and smaller. It's a world of one-cell organisms and we're just living in it. Also, are revelations that British Prime Minister David Cameron is mentioned in the Panama Papers enough to bring down his government? Plus, it's "maps full of monsters" Monday.

PRI's The World: 04/08/2016

Secretary of State John Kerry made a surprise visit to Baghdad this week and vowed the US would do more in the fight against ISIS in northern Iraq. We speak with the Kurdistan Regional Government's representative to the United States about how that fight is going. Also, Pope Francis calls for the Catholic Church to be more compassionate toward "imperfect" Catholics, such as those who have divorced and remarried. Plus, Venezuela tries out Furlough Fridays.