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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 7/02/14

International security through the eyes of millennials in the Middle East. A new book examines the hopes and frustrations of the youth activists of the so-called Arab Spring. Also on Wednesday, how microbes might help us feed the planet. And, a cookbook author tells us about the special flavor and uses of tamarind, a staple of Syrian Jewish cuisine still enjoyed in the diaspora.

PRI's The World: 7/01/14

Journalist Mark Hertsgaard has been parsing President Obama's big moves on climate policy recently, but he says it's a small statement the president made in a TV show this spring that could make the biggest difference. Plus, Nobel laureate Jody Williams joins us to discuss new progress on banning landmines around the world. And we meet a professional comedian who has just completed his term as Mayor of Reykjavik or as Lady Gaga calls him - the Mayor of Iceland.

PRI's The World: 6/30/14

Israel security forces say they've found the bodies of three teenagers who went missing two weeks ago in the West Bank. Plus the British government makes a fresh bid to get haggis, the Scottish dish made of sheep innards, into the US market. Would you eat haggis? And Washington DC's multi-national taxi drivers form an unlikely union.

PRI's The World: 6/27/14

The wars in Syria and Iraq are merging, and US policy in both countries is having to shift and adapt. Plus, forest clearing around the world is often done illegally in dense jungles far from the watchful eyes of authority. But regulators and environmentalists now have a new high-tech weapon at their disposal to fight deforestation. And, two Panamanian-American cousins in the Bay Area who rap about what it's like to be Afro-Latino immigrants.

PRI's The World: 6/26/14

The heartbreaking story of prominent human rights activist assassinated on Wednesday in Benghazi, just hours after casting her ballot in Libya's general election. Plus, a former US counterterrorism official helps us with your questions about who's funding the ISIS rebels in Syria and Iraq and how they move their money around. And, Hong Kong's experiment with democracy is making Beijing angry.

PRI's The World: 6/25/14

A resident of Mosul who is living under ISIS control in Iraq. Plus, a look back at the the last big wave of Central American migrants and how it compares to what we're seeing today. And, a military historian turned renowned cheesemonger.