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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 06/15/2016

Vigils are being held across Puerto Rico to honor those who died in the Orlando shooting. Authorities have said that nearly half of those killed at the Pulse nightclub had ties to the US island territory. We also take a look at the language of guns in America, and how it differs from that in many other countries. Plus, we hear a couple of different views on whether Britain should leave or stay in the European Union.

PRI's The World: 06/14/2016

Today we hear how Orlando's Latino community is trying to heal after the nightclub shooting there. We also explore a debate in Britain over gender-neutral school uniforms. Plus, why Hindu nationalists in India love Donald Trump.

PRI's The World: 06/13/2016

Today, we devote our full hour to the weekend shooting in Orlando, and what it means. Was it terrorism, or radical Islam ... or a hate crime? Why does a label matter? We hear from members of Orlando's LGBT community about Pulse nightclub, and why it's been a safe space for many people there. Plus, a gay Muslim man in Toronto tells how the attack on Sunday took aim at both sides of his life.

PRI's The World: 06/10/2016

Being Mexican in America in the age of Trump: A journalism professor in Chicago recently wrote an op-ed titled "Donald Trump Makes Me Proud To Be Mexican." She says right now people who don't fit stereotypes of what an American looks like have their identities or loyalties questioned. But as an American with Mexican roots, she owns both identities. Plus we'll hear why Muhammad Ali is considered a hero in Turkey — so much so that Turkey's president traveled to the US to attend the boxing legend's funeral this week. We also meet a couple of refugee athletes in Brazil who truly embody the Olympic spirit.

PRI's The World: 06/09/2016

France isn't looking or smelling too good right now. A garbage strike means the trash is piling up, and recent flooding has left the riverbanks covered in muck — and this, on the eve of the European soccer tournament. Plus, a group of Canadian volunteers is desperate to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. They've done all the prep, but there's a catch: There aren't enough Syrians to go around. We also hear about a Colombian who bullfights, plays a mean guitar and can perfectly imitate a donkey — all at the same time!

PRI's The World: 06/08/2016

A view from overseas on Hillary Clinton's new status as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee: We hear from a Clinton supporter in Sweden. Also, a conversation with a Marine who fought and drew his way through two tours of duty in Iraq. He's the creator of a comic strip called “Terminal Lance,” and now the author of a new graphic novel called “The White Donkey.” Plus, we dive into an encyclopedia written in a made-up, incomprehensible script.