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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 03/06/2015

We hear the latest on the effort by Iraqi forces to retake the city of Tikrit. We also check in with The Daily Beast's Clive Irving, who, like everyone else, has been wondering what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared a year ago. And climbing season is kicking into high gear on Mt. Everest. That means a lot of people headed up to base camp, and a lot of people at base camp means a lot of poop.

PRI's The World: 03/05/2015

With the recent controversy over measles vaccines here in the US, we look into vaccination in other parts of the globe. Officials in Pakistan have been arresting parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated for polio. Then, we hear how in Mexico, vaccination is seen as a right. Also, a BBC documentary is causing a stir in India, because it features a convicted rapist who was sentenced to death for his part in a gang-rape in Delhi. In the film, the rapist expresses no remorse and criticizes the victim.

PRI's The World: 03/04/2015

A new documentary focusing on China's dismal air quality is getting a lot of attention there. Also, we take you to an all-female mosque in Los Angeles. Finally, the Pan-Arabia Enquirer — the Arab world's answer to The Onion — takes on ISIS.

PRI's The World: 03/03/2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks on Capitol Hill, and warns the US not to make what he called a "bad deal" with Iran. Also: To cover or not to cover? Two Muslim women living in the US share their perspective on whether to wear a hijab or not, and what that says about their faith. Plus, a legendary "Lost City of the Monkey God" has been found in the rainforests of eastern Honduras.

PRI's The World: 03/02/2015

We'll take a peak inside the newly reopened Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad. It's been closed for 12 years, following looting that took place after the US invasion. Plus, we'll hear how some Israelis are viewing Benjamin Netanyahu's trip to the US, and why some Italians are getting tired of politicians using too much English.

PRI's The World: 02/27/2015

There's an update on the search for those 43 missing students in Mexico. We'll also hear an essay from a Mexican student who was raised in Denver but is back in Mexico for college. He talks about what it's like to be openly gay there. We've also got the story of a new, and very dangerous drug that's caught on in Russia. It's known as "The Spice," and the main ingredient is, believe it or not, bath salts. And we'll say farewell to Leonard Nimoy, who inspired millions as the logical — and different —character of Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek.'