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PRI's The World: 08/15/2016

A Muslim community in Queens, New York, is reacting to the shooting death this weekend of a local imam and an aide. Also on Monday, we learn about the expansion of California's so-called maker movement to China. And, we'll have reaction from Puerto Rico to the island's first Olympic gold medal.

PRI's The World: 08/12/2016

On Donald Trump's repeated claim that President Obama is the "founder of ISIS": Trump walked the statement back on Twitter this morning, saying he was being sarcastic. But it gives our history guy, Chris Woolf, a chance to remind us all of the real origins of ISIS. Plus, US fans aren't the only ones celebrating Simone Biles' epic Olympic gymnastics performances. They're also celebrating in Belize, where Biles is a dual citizen. And, New York City plays host this weekend to a rice-off, specifically a "Jollof Rice-Off!" Many countries in West Africa lay claim to the spicy, glistening grain dish Jollof. Chefs will gather at the African Food Festival to prove who makes it best.

PRI's The World: 08/11/2016

Today we go into the heart of Rio's most famous favela, called the City of God. The neighborhood was the subject of a 2002 Hollywood movie of the same name, and ever since, it's been synonymous with violence and street crime. However, some young local filmmakers are trying to dispel this clichéd vision of their home. We also hear about a photographer and social scientist who has spent the better part of three decades traveling to Iran and documenting life inside the country. Plus, in Tanzania, women are getting married to other women — but not for the reasons you might think.

PRI's The World: 08/10/2016

What's going on in Brazilian politics these days? In short, it's a mess. Also, we hear about the history of the Olympic equestrian sport known as dressage. Hint: most of it has to do with military training. We'll also tell you about America's first offshore wind farm, which is being built off Block Island in Rhode Island. All the parts for the farm were made in Europe. Plus we hear about India's great train robbery.

PRI's The World: 08/09/2016

Today we hear about the history of performance-enhancing drugs in the Olympics and other major international sporting events. Plus, we take a look into what happened to Romania's once vaunted women's gymnastics team. Also, some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs want to sell you on the merits of man-made diamonds — but the diamond industry says it's not what you think.

PRI's The World: 08/08/2016

Monday on The World, we look at Rio through a Russian lens: A doping scandal has left the Russian Olympic team decimated. Many Russian athletes are not allowed to participate, and those who are competing have been taking a lot of flak. Also, have you been wondering what those circular purple marks are on some of the US Olympic athletes, including swimming great Michael Phelps? They come from a centuries-old form of therapy called cupping. Plus, an Iranian American musician who creates all of his tunes on his iPhone.