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PRI's The World: 06/22/2016

US politicians talk a lot about bigger border walls and keeping refugees out, but in Europe, there's a lot of talk about open borders. One writer argues that Europe could learn something from the US in this regard, and that Europeans should, in fact, consider closing their borders to new arrivals. We also have part 3 of our series on what America can learn from the Netherlands when it comes to dealing with rising sea levels. Plus, we hear about lessons learned for American soccer after Tuesday's drubbing of the US Men's National Team by Argentina.

PRI's The World: 06/21/2016

We hear from a gun rights supporter who grew up in Guatemala, where he saw the damage that weapons caused in the wrong hands. Now he's a US citizen and an NRA member. Also, we have the second part of our week-long series on rising sea levels. The World's Carolyn Beeler reports on how Dutch experts are helping the city of Norfolk, VA, plan for sea-level rise. Plus, a plea urging Mexican soccer fans to stop chanting a homophobic slur during games.

PRI's The World: 06/20/2016

What can the Netherlands teach us about dealing with rising sea levels? Also, we hear more on the growing humanitarian crisis in Fallujah, Iraq. Plus, we get the latest on Britain's big referendum this week on whether to stay in the European Union or leave.

PRI's The World: 06/17/2016

Citing security concerns, officials in Istanbul say they've decided to cancel the city's Gay Pride Parade. We find out how Turkey's LGBT community is reacting to the news, and hear about the Turkish reaction to the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Also, the body that governs international track and field competitions upholds its ban on Russian athletes because of widespread, state-sponsored doping in Russia. Plus, there's a new documentary called "P.S. Jerusalem" about a woman who moved her family to Jerusalem in the hopes that her kids could grow up multi-lingual, and multi-cultural. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

PRI's The World: 06/16/2016

With the renewed debate over guns, we hear how a similar debate played out in Norway following the mass shooting at a youth camp in 2011. Plus, Disney opens its first park in mainland China. It's part of a big play by the company for the huge Chinese market — the second largest economy in the world. We'll also hear how Bhutan has worked to control its stray dog problem. Plus a Yemeni beekeeper is keeping old traditions alive in the US.

PRI's The World: 06/15/2016

Vigils are being held across Puerto Rico to honor those who died in the Orlando shooting. Authorities have said that nearly half of those killed at the Pulse nightclub had ties to the US island territory. We also take a look at the language of guns in America, and how it differs from that in many other countries. Plus, we hear a couple of different views on whether Britain should leave or stay in the European Union.