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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 10/11/2016

Colombians try to salvage a peace plan — more about that today. Then we head to Haiti, where the devastation of Hurricane Matthew is giving way to fear of cholera. Plus, a London creperie has been forced to stop importing its signature products from France.

PRI's The World: 10/10/2016

Last night's debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was, to put it mildly, tense. Hanging over it was the release of the video recording of Trump making vulgar remarks about women and sexual assault. We'll get a sense of how women around the world are reacting to the Trump video and the debate. Plus, we hear how climate change is playing among millennials as a campaign issue. And singer-songwriter greats Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle talk about their involvement in a tour to draw attention to the refugee crisis.

PRI's The World: 10/07/2016

The US election is one month away, and today, we're looking at how it concerns Latino voters — specifically Latino voters in Arizona, where issues such as immigration reform and the border with Mexico are as real as they can be. We assembled Latino political activists from the left and the right before an audience in Phoenix earlier this week, where Marco Werman moderated a lively discussion of topics including immigration, education and jobs. Speakers of different political stripes even found some common ground at this divided time. This episode features an edited version of the conversation.

PRI's The World: 10/06/2016

Can the war in Syria be brought to an end? We'll take a look. Plus, a TV journalist teams with Marvel Comics in an effort to get accurate news out of Syria. Also, in Major League Baseball, a showy bat flip could get you plunked, but in South Korea, bat flips are not only accepted, they're an art form.

PRI's The World: 10/05/2016

The National Archive of Aleppo: It's an online space for residents — and former residents — of the Syrian city to share their memories of the place they remember before the war. We also hear about a religious community in central Massachusetts whose roots date back to the early days of Christianity. Plus, a world-famous fish market in Tokyo prepares to close its doors.

PRI's The World: 10/04/2016

Today on The World, relations get even rockier between the US and Russia. We take a look. Also, we go inside a community of Syrian refugees in Denmark as they struggle to adjust to life in a new country. Plus, a top soccer league finally opens its doors to an American coach. And we remember "Hanoi Hannah."