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An award-winning daily show, “PRI's The World” brings one-of-a-kind international stories home to America. "The World's" coverage is provided by a global network of international journalists, including access to 250 BBC correspondents.

Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 02/11/2014

Remembering Shirley Temple Black, the diplomat. But the one-time child star was more than that. She was also the US ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the collapse of Communism. Also, we find out why so many athletes at the Olympics are competing for countries they don't call home. And a chat with Irish author Roddy Doyle. In his new book, he brings back Jimmy Rabbitte of The Commitments fame.

PRI's The World: 02/10/2014

We have astonishing eyewitness accounts from inside Syria with Syrian journalist Muhammad Ali. Also, the story of a giraffe, some hungry lions, and a controversial call at the Copenhagen Zoo. And, a live Vietnamese variety show -- "Paris By Night."

PRI's The World: 02/07/2014

The Sochi Winter Olympics are officially open. We'll go on the ground to Sochi to figure out how the opening ceremonies went, but more importantly -- to figure out what events we should be looking out for during the opening weekend. Also, a different kind of games begin, as US diplomats find themselves in the middle of a spat with their European Union and Russian counterparts. And speaking of Russia and diplomacy, and vodka. Marco chats with Mark Schrad, the author of a new book called "Vodka Politics," which is all about the role of Russia's favorite tipple in the country's culture.

PRI's The World: 02/06/2014

The Winter Olympic Games get started in Sochi amid new security warnings - this time involving toothpaste. Also, Japan considers using algae to help leach radioactivity from the sea water around Fukushima. Plus, the strange tale of a man dubbed "Japan's Beethoven," who, it turns out, hasn't written his own music for the past 20 years.

PRI's The World: 02/05/2014

Russians in Sochi have mixed feelings about the Olympic Games that are about to start in their city. Also, a UN report urges the Catholic Church to adopt extensive reforms to protect children and a New Yorker searches the world for the best pizza box.

PRI's The World: 02/04/2014

We pull back the curtain to North Korea with the help of a filmmaker who gained access to an all-male university in Pyongyang. Also, Syrian civilians are being killed by barrel bombs being dropped by the military. Plus, the growing trade in ephemera. Why it may be worth keeping items that are not meant to last.