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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 01/31/2014

Changes are coming to the NSA, with President Barack Obama's nomination of a new agency leader. But will the mission stay the same? Also, a new academic program allows Cubans to come study for a semester in Miami. Plus, why the only member of Mexico's Winter Olympic team in Sochi will be competing in a mariachi ski suit.

PRI's The World: 01/30/2014

There was a lot of effort spent by the US and many other international players to get the various sides of the Syrian conflict to come together in Geneva. Now it looks like after days of discussion, little has been achieved. Plus, a new climate change report casts doubt on the viability of future Winter Olympics locations. Also, the Montreal-based company behind bike share programs files for bankruptcy.

PRI's The World: 01/29/2014

President Obama says we must move off a permanent war footing. Tell that to people in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And while we're at it, meet Kabul's new police chief - a woman blazing a trail in a man's world. Also, one woman in Turkey fights back against her harasser. Plus the Canadian fans who'll be cheering for the Seahawks on Sunday.

PRI's The World: 01/28/2014

Ahead of the State of the Union address Tuesday, we look at Detroit, a place where ideas about the economy and immigration are converging. Also, why Brazilians are flocking to visit New York City. And finally, a remembrance of Peter Seeger from Paddy Moloney of the Chieftains.

PRI's The World: 01/27/2014

Putting the finishing touches on Sochi. While the Winter Olympics are less than two weeks away, our reporter in Sochi says there are still many empty buildings that make parts of Sochi look like a high-end ghost town. Also, a growing smoking problem among teens in Detroit's Arab-American community -- they're smoking hookah pipes. And, in France, they're celebrating French electronic duo, Daft Punk, who scored four Grammy Awards Sunday night.

PRI's The World: 01/24/2014

From prisoners to global celebrities, the newly freed members of Pussy Riot take on a new role — advocates for prison reform. And, we meet a Chinese filmmaker who shines a light into some of the darkest corners of recent Communist Party history. Plus, an Iranian girl who dreams of being an astronaut.