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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 4/10/14

India has nearly 800 million eligible voters in the elections that are getting under way. And many of them will be first-time voters. Also, the story of a small plane that went missing in Russia, for nearly a year. Plus, collecting the autographs of world leaders.

PRI's The World: 4/09/14

The World's Joyce Hackel reconnects with a family she met in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide. Also, authorities in China go after corrupt officials and, anti-corruption activists. And, a New York lawyer opens a food stall - selling her Greek grandmother's spinach pies.

PRI's The World: 4/08/14

The Oscar Pistorius trial continued in South Africa Tuesday, with the accused on the stand. How is Pistorius faring in the South African court of opinion? Also, the view from Ukrainians on whether to break away from the country and join Russia or remain part of Ukraine. And, the story of a toy that was supposed to help revolutionize the way people in developing countries light their homes.

PRI's The World: 4/07/14

A week of mourning and remembrance has begun in Rwanda to mark 20 years since the start of the genocide that claimed the lives of more than one million. Plus, Indians go to the polls today, the beginning of five weeks of voting. And, we invite listeners to send us their favorite lullabies, as part of our ongoing Ninth Month series looking at pregnancy around the world.

PRI's The World: 4/04/14

There are somber assessments of Afghanistan on the eve of elections. We remember one of the latest victims of the violence; an Associated Press photojournalist who was killed today in Khost. Plus, the story of a Senegalese peacekeeper who managed to save lives as the genocide began in Rwanda 20 years ago. And an American photographer with a singular obsession: Soviet bus stops.

PRI's The World: 4/03/14

Social media and how the times are changing for those living in Cuba. Plus, why Eastern European nations are stressing over Russia. And, need sex advice? Ask India's Dr. Ruth. He's a 90-year-old grandfather.