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An award-winning daily show, “PRI's The World” brings one-of-a-kind international stories home to America. "The World's" coverage is provided by a global network of international journalists, including access to 250 BBC correspondents.

Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 02/26/2014

Unexpected victims in Syria's civil war: Residents of a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus. Also, three years after the start of the Fukushima disaster, Japan's leader pledges to revive nuclear power. And, some major league baseball players in the US tweet for peace in Venezuela.

PRI's The World: 02/25/2014

The current drama in Ukraine reads like a fast-paced novel, so we turn to Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov to get a sense of what events look like close up. There's political turmoil in Egypt, too, after the surprise resignation of the prime minister on Monday. Plus, learning the home cooking secrets of cultures around the world from immigrant cooks in New York City.

PRI's The World: 02/24/2014

A former leader released from jail, while a sitting president flees the palace and now faces an arrest warrant. The Ukraine story continues to play out in unbelievable twists and turns. Plus we launch "The Ninth Month," our new multimedia series on pregnancy and maternal health around the world. We begin the series with a profile of a woman in rural Nepal and the strenuous work she does in the fields throughout her pregnancy.

PRI's The World: 2/21/14

A peace deal and legislative changes in Ukraine after a week of violence. We also go to Venezuela, where government forces and protesters have been battling it out with deadly results. Plus, we'll sample one of Quebec's signature dishes - poutine.

PRI's The World: 02/20/2014

It was another harrowing day in Ukraine's capital, Kiev, as a truce breaks down between police and protesters. We get the latest. Also, three journalists for Al Jazeera English have been held in prison in Egypt for more than 50 days. Thursday, they made an appearance in court. And, Siberia, it's not as cold as you think it is.

PRI's The World: 02/19/2014

Anti-government protesters continue to clash with police in the Ukrainian capital. We'll have the latest from Kiev. Plus, how Ukrainian athletes in Sochi are struggling to focus on the games after Tuesday night's violence back home. And, one violinist is fed up with the opening theme to the "Game of Thrones," so she recorded her own version.