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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World - Sep 10, 2013

A crucial day for the crisis over Syria. We'll have the latest on the rapidly-moving events of the day, including Russia's proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control. Plus, we'll hear why some Syrian refugees are as critical of the rebels as they are of the Assad regime. And, as President Obama prepares to address the nation, we ask what is at stake in Syria.

PRI's The World - Sep 09, 2013

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad vows retaliation should the United States launch military strikes against his country. Plus, what the ICC might be saying about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. And, wrestling finds its way back into the Olympics.

PRI's The World - Sep 06, 2013

While the debate over US intervention in Syria continues, we hear from residents of a Syrian coastal city about the fighting there. Also, Syria's neighbor, Iran, has much at stake in any military action. We'll hear what the Iranian media and social media are saying. Plus, one of the rising stars of Syrian music living and studying in New York, while dreaming of going home.

PRI's The World - Sep 05, 2013

Reactions from throughout the Middle East to the ongoing American push for military strikes in Syria. Also, we'll hear from a Syrian-American who opposes US intervention. And we look back at the creation of a telephone hotline between Washington and Moscow 50 years ago at the height of the Cold War.

PRI's The World - Sep 04, 2013

President Obama tells Congress and the international community that their credibility is on the line if they don't back a military strike in Syria. Also, an American Iraq war veteran shares his thoughts on possible intervention in Syria. Plus, what is so funny in China? A guide to understanding Chinese humor.

PRI's The World - Sep 03, 2013

Congressional leaders begin grappling with whether to authorize military action against Syria. Plus, politics in Japan continues to be affected by the faltering cleanup of Fukushima. And, reaction on Microsoft's buyout of Finland's one iconic mobile company Nokia.