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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 08/14/14

There's been a fourth night of clashes between protesters in the town of Ferguson, Missouri and local police. There are quite a few reporters from foreign news outlets on the ground in Ferguson. We'll touch base with them to see how they're covering events in Missouri, and how the situation compares to what they've seen in their home countries. Also, the bifurcated life of writer Claire Hajaj. Her mother is Israeli — her father is Palestinian. The recent conflict in Gaza has split her family between support for Israel, and support for the Palestinians.

PRI's The World: 08/13/14

We head to Gaza and find out how Palestinians are feeling ahead of a 72 hour cease-fire that's due to expire on Wednesday. And, you'll hear about the anti-Israel song that Israelis are, strangely enough, dancing to in the nightclubs. Also, how Crimea's recent annexation by Russia is changing tourism there.

PRI's The World: 8/12/2014

"Good Morning, Vietnam...." and farewell, Robin Williams. Fond remembrances have been pouring in from all over the world, especially from US service personnel. During his career, Williams performed at many USO events overseas. We'll tap into our community of veterans to hear from some who remember those shows and Williams. Also, we head to the ground in northern Iraq to hear from a photojournalist who's embedded with Kurdish fighters. Plus, it's summer and that means vacation. Some people like National Parks — others the Eiffel Tower — and others come from thousands of miles away to visit Superfund sites in New York City.

PRI's The World: 08/11/2014

Could Islamic militants in Iraq threaten Americans? Maybe. Also, a family checks in on their deserted Israeli community along the Gaza border. And, the Texas no man’s land known as 'North Mexico.'

PRI's The World: 8/08/2014

US air strikes in Iraq announced today. Also, Israeli airstrikes have resumed in Gaza after a 72 hour cease-fire came to an end. Plus, a look back to the resignation of Richard Nixon 40 years ago — how did the world respond when Nixon stepped down? And did the US pay compensation to the families of Yemenis killed in a drone strike?

PRI's The World: 8/07/2014

With a ceasefire holding — but due to expire tomorrow morning — we go inside the Gaza strip, where residents are accessing the damage after almost a solid month of intense bombardment. Also, some Israelis question their military's doctrine, which instructs soldiers to fire heavily if an Israeli soldier is taken captive by the enemy — even at the risk of killing the captive soldier. Plus, a graphic artist returns from Dubai, where she's seen the squalid conditions many foreign workers working for Western interests face.