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An award-winning daily show, “PRI's The World” brings one-of-a-kind international stories home to America. "The World's" coverage is provided by a global network of international journalists, including access to 250 BBC correspondents.

Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 01/08/2014

The first batch of Syria's chemical weapons leaves the country aboard a Danish ship. Also, we have the story of one of Sudan's "Lost Boys" who returned to his country, only to flee the fighting once again. And, how a group of Americans hanging out in France in 1970 changed the course of culinary history.

PRI's The World: 01/07/2014

What's behind the new battle over Fallujah, where US soldiers fought and died just a few short years ago. Also, a month out from the Sochi Olympics, Russia starts deploying a heavy security blanket to try to keep the Games safe. And, we remember a writer known as "Iran's Hemingway" who made a visit to Israel.

PRI's The World: 01/06/2014

As the "polar vortex" puts large parts of the US on ice, we check in with Yellowknife, Canada, where -30 degrees is pretty standard winter fare. Also, French entrepreneurs head to Silicon Valley frustrated by the lack of IT ambition and opportunities in their native France. All that, plus remembering one of soccer's truly great competitors, Eusebio, who died this weekend at the age of 71.

PRI's The World: 01/03/2014

We have a conversation with Glenn Greenwald, one of the journalists who first sat down with Edward Snowden to begin the cascade of revelations about the NSA's surveillance practices. Also, what went wrong at a garment workers' demonstration in Cambodia where police shot and killed some of the protesters. Plus, a profile of a New York-based gem artist who is a key player in the diamond industry.

PRI's The World: 01/02/2014

A civil war intensifies in South Sudan - we hear the latest. Also, why millions of TV viewers in China are hooked on to the BBC's "Sherlock." And, how the survival of some coral reefs in the Pacific is providing hope for endangered corals around the globe.

PRI's The World: 01/01/2014

Lebanon's precarious politics reminds one BBC correspondent of her life during the civil war there. And, what lies ahead in 2014 for women in India after a year of soul-searching about gender equality. Plus, chef Andy Ricker shares his thoughts about his love affair with Thailand.