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Recent Episodes

PRI's The World: 5/13/14

The father of one of the kidnapped Nigerian girls speaks out. And, just how much attention is the Nigeria story is getting? A social media expert talks about the media storm and how it could backfire. Also, climate change and wine. In England, grapes are doing well under milder weather.

PRI's The World: 5/12/14

Monday was Election day in India and one writer predicts why front runner, Narendra Modi's, win won't be as big as people predict. Plus, the long line of would-be whistleblowers at the NSA who predated Edward Snowden. And, what climate change is doing to grapes in France's champagne region.

PRI's The World: 5/09/14

Boko Haram is the group behind the recent abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Who's their leader? Where do they get their funding? We'll try to answer some of those questions. Also, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba goes public. And, the story of a nanny who has been working in New York for more than a decade, while her son grows up back in her native Paraguay.

PRI's The World: 5/08/14

Listen to a conversation with the leader of one of the NGOs that took part in the recent #BringBackOurGirls rallies in Abuja, Nigeria. And, China's complicated relationship with Mao today - he's officially revered, but Chinese youth don't pay much attention. Plus, a hot-shot Ecuador-born mixologist in New York City who revels in creating, and naming cocktails.

PRI's The World: 5/07/14

We look at the challenges involved in searching for the abducted Nigerian school girls. Could all of the media publicity drive up the price of ransom? Also, Stanford University divests its coal portfolio in the name of slowing climate change. And how Balkan Beat Box's song "Hermetico" became the hook for Jason Derulo's triple platinum "Talk Dirty."

PRI's The World: 5/06/14

The White House has released the results of a four-year survey on the impact of climate change across the country, including extreme weather and rising seas. Climate change is a global problem, but the impact of it will be very local and will leave no one untouched. Plus, a Scottish researcher is voting "yes" for Scottish independence in the fall, but her alter-ego is a performance artist who croons songs about voting "no" on independence. Also, the global world of circus performers who routinely cross borders to train and perform.