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Trump's UN agenda, stubborn sexism in Germany and turning ice into music

Today, with President Donald Trump at the United Nations, we look at how UN ambassador Nikki Haley became the voice of Trump's foreign policy. Also, Ho Chi Minh's complex relationship with the US before the Vietnam War. Plus, how to record melting ice and turn into music.

An attack in London, cruising the Northwest Passage and singing waitresses

The London subway once again comes under attack, and officials suspect its terrorist related. Plus, melting ice means the Northwest Passage is now open to cruise ships. We'll look at the pros and cons. And, sure, nuclear weapons are a big sticking point in any negotiations with the North Koreans. But so too are a group of singing waitresses. Those stories, plus some new music from Kronos Quartet — today on The World.

Sept. 11 in the Trump era, hacking the power grid and bringing Jose Lopez Ramirez home

On the show today, the ways in which the 9/11 attacks shape President Donald Trump's world view and his administration's foreign policy. And, we remember the life and work of American historian Nancy Dupree, who spent years living in Afghanistan with her husband. Dupree passed away over the weekend. Plus, why Norway's gone back to paper ballots for their elections.