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Hacking Ukraine and beyond, Hong Kong pop with a purpose, and will the Navajo Nation leave coal behind?

Another cyberattack is wreaking havoc across Europe. And, Western tech companies in Russia have been complying with demands to hand over the source code of their products for government officials to review. Plus, the time when North and South Korea teamed up to win a world championship in table tennis. Also, the Navajo Nation says it might be time to leave coal behind.

The battle for Mosul, Trump and Modi, US immigration courts

Security, the environment and trade are all on the agenda when India's India Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets with President Donald Trump. Plus, a writer wonders why Trump decided not to host an Eid dinner at the White House to mark the end of Ramadan. And, the French connection to a recently discovered recording of Thelonius Monk.

Putin's role in Russian election hacking, Otto Warmbier and the songs of Ramadan

Russian hacking isn't aimed solely at the United States — just ask Ukraine. That's our top story today. And, we look at the role psychologists played in developing the CIA's interrogation techniques. Plus, new details about Otto Warmbier, the American student who died after being imprisoned in North Korea.

Singapore's health care system, Ford chooses China over Mexico, and a dad deported leaves a family displaced

The Senate reveals its plan to overhaul Obamacare. We'll take a look at how Singapore handles health coverage. And, the back story on an American family that moved to El Salvador because they refused to be broken apart by deportation. Plus, factory workers in Indiana say they need more than tweets from the president to keep their jobs from going to Mexico.

A murder in Tulsa, A new Saudi crown prince, corruption trouble for Brazil's president

The World kicks off on Wednesday with a man who brought along his wife and three children into an Iraqi war zone while working as a Christian relief worker. And, a family that refused to be broken up by a deportation order moves to El Salvador. Plus, the Saudi king shakes up the line of succession, bumping his nephew in favor of his son.