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Sanctuary campuses, Trump fails to denounce anti-Semitism, Kim Jong-nam's mysterious murder

Immigrants in some US cities stayed home Thursday to show how critical they are for their industries and their communities. An Iraqi who runs a cafe in Washington, DC, supports the action, but says what's really needed is meaningful immigration reform. Also, President Donald Trump gets asked twice in two days what he's doing to stem a rising tide of anti-Semitic incidents. Plus, a retired professor in Cuba whose family lost land when Castro's revolution triumphed. Now she's doing well in the new Cuban economy.

Flynn's resignation, drawing Trump as a Jihadist, Chicano valentines

The resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor rocks the Trump Administration — our top story today. Also, we hear from a Cuban American artist who created a controversial cover for the German magazine Der Spiegel. Plus, meet a San Francisco artist who creates Valentine's Day images that mix pink hearts with politics and Latino pop culture.