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Each day, Garrison Keillor reads a poem and relates stories of significant events touching literary history.

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The Undeniable Pressure of Existence by Patricia Fargnoli | Monday, September 26, 2016 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor

I saw the fox running by the side of the road past the turned-away brick faces of the condominiums past the Citco gas station with its line of cars and trucks and he ran, limping, gaunt, matted dull haired past Jim’s Pizza, past the Wash-O-Mat, past the Thai Garden, his sides heaving like bellows and... Read more »

Ice Cream Stop by Shel Silverstein | Sunday, September 25, 2016 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor

The circus train made an ice cream stop At the fifty-two-flavor ice cream stand. The animals all got off the train And walked right up to the ice cream man. “I’ll take Vanilla,” yelled the gorilla. “I’ll take Chocolate,” shouted the ocelot.    “I’ll take the Strawberry,” chirped the canary.       “Rocky Road,” croaked the toad.          “Lemon... Read more »

The Accordion by Connie Wanek | Saturday, September 24, 2016 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor

                                         for Hannah It was the one tangible you brought home from the city, an armful of instrument, bellows and keys and buttons and a smell of antique lubrication, and a sound that poured undiminished through solid walls. You sat in your chair with its straps around your shoulders teaching yourself to play, determined to do... Read more »