The Short List headlines for Tuesday, August 22 2017

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Santa Maria PD

Amber Alert issued for 9-year-old boy from Santa Maria

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Daniel Morozov is 4-foot-5-inches tall, weighs 90 pounds and was abducted Monday night. Police were responding to a homicide when the boy was reported missing. Authorities believe he was taken by his father, Konstantin Morozov. Two cars related to the incident were found Tuesday, but the suspect and the boy remain missing. 

​LA wants in on suit over Trump sanctuary conditions

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"That's not a choice we should be required to make," L.A. City Attorney Michael Feuer said Tuesday, regarding the restrictions placed on a federal grant by the Trump Administration. New DOJ policy says local police must give immigration officials access to jails and provide 48 hours notice before releasing someone in the country illegally.

How do you respond when your baby is in distress?

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A new study shows how a mother's response to her baby in distress can lead to a secure or insecure bond. Researchers had 6-month-olds and their moms engage in normal play until the mom stopped with a vacant face and kept it no matter how much the baby called out for her. The method tested the mom's ability to regulate her emotions and the child's awareness.

How Afghanistan veterans fight the war within

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President Trump announced a troop expansion in Afghanistan. That's particularly troubling for vets like retired Army Col. Arnold Strong who served three tours there and returned home with unresolved conflicts of his own. "Getting to a point of acceptance, I think, is the best way that that war ends," he told Take Two. 

How to tell if watching the eclipse damaged your eyes

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If you heeded all the warnings, you're likely fine — even if you used protective glasses and your eyes felt funny or hurt a little afterward. We were all starry-eyed after the celestial event, but spots or blurred vision that show up 12 hours later or the next day might be a sign that the sun's direct rays permanently hurt your retina.

'The Man Behind the Clown' shows Jerry Lewis as more than a comic

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The late actor was also accomplished behind the camera — something Lewis believed he never received proper credit for. He invented the "video assist," a monitor that has since become industry standard on film sets. "I think that, here in America, people don't have Jerry Lewis, the filmmaker, in mind," French filmmaker Gregory Monro told The Frame.