The Short List headlines for Wednesday, March 22 2017

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Los Angeles debating size of 'granny flats'

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City Council members can't agree on how large the backyard units should be and where they should be allowed. But they're seen as one solution to the housing crunch. A proposed ordinance lists a maximum size of 1,200 square feet, enough for two bedrooms, and bans units from hillsides.

Eye exam bill provokes sharp split among specialists

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A bill requiring some schoolchildren to receive a comprehensive eye exam rather than a basic vision screening has experts divided: California's Board of Optometry backs the measure, but a national pediatric ophthalmologists' group says such a shift would be "a tremendous waste of resources."

Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearings: Day 3

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U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch took questions and was put in the hot seat Wednesday over a case in which he ruled about educating students with disabilities. The proceedings have largely lacked high drama, but Gorsuch has faced criticism of his originalist judicial philosophy.