The Short List headlines for Thursday, June 22 2017

P.M. Edition

Maya Sugarman/KPCC

Why Dov Charney hasn't given up on making clothes

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Three years ago he was ousted as CEO of American Apparel. These days, Charney is running Los Angeles Apparel. He created the company after a telepathic chat with his dead grandfather, who told him to start over. Many American Apparel factory workers followed Charney, and even lent him money.



The strange sea creatures invading SoCal's coast

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Pyrosomes, tube-shaped jellies about the size of a thumb that glow in the dark, are typically found in tropical waters, but scientists with NOAA recently came across a huge population off Southern California. Their nets captured more than 93,000 — the biggest local catch ever.

How bad is the smog today? There's a map for that

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It's called the Air Quality Index, and on bad days, it looks like a stoplight. Nearly 40 air quality monitors feed data on ozone, particulate matter and other pollutants into an algorithm that converts the pollution concentrations into an AQI value — the scale ranges from zero to 300.

LA received $320K to prevent urban heat deaths

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The U.S. Forest Service awarded a timely grant to the Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative. The group's goal is to prevent heat-related death by adding trees, heat-reflective surfaces and better-insulated housing in urban areas. The money will fund climate science modeling for a multi-year project.

LA landlords fight plan to make evictions harder

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The proposal would bar evictions except for just cause — like tenants not paying rent, becoming a nuisance or property damage. Right now, landlords of market-rate properties in L.A. don't have to give a reason. Landlords say the proposal would only add to their legal hurdles and litigation costs.