Super Bowl XLVII (2013): Baltimore Ravens v. San Francisco 49ers


Super Bowl 2013: Where to watch, party in LA, SoCal

No matter what team you’re cheering for, you’re most likely in search of a place in Los Angeles to rub elbows with fellow fans while grabbing some grub and a drink or two or three. We’ve compiled a list of restaurants and bars in and around Los Angeles where you can watch the game go down.

Super Bowl 2013: Things to do this Sunday in LA if you don't care about it

Are you psyched for the Super Bowl? Or are you one of millions who don’t really care? If so, this is for you! The live events, TV, DVDs and movies to check out instead.

Super Bowl 2013: 8 things you need to throw the ultimate LA party

If the Feb. 3 logistics are starting to feel unnecessarily rough, use your home-couch advantage to set up a screening for a roster of pals. By choosing to bring the party home, you'll be guaranteed prime viewing real estate, reduce the chances of a transportation disaster and give your starters a place to sleep off the Velveeta hangover.

VIDEO: Southern California companies betting millions on Super Bowl ads

New York’s Madison Avenue has traditionally been the center of the advertising world, but “that’s changing rapidly,” says Rob Siltanen of the El Segundo-based ad firm Siltanen and Partners. He says this year‘s roster of Super Bowl TV ads tells the tale. Commercials for Hyundai, Volkwagen, Taco Bell and other companies come from firms in Southern California.

Super Bowl fans will spend more money this year than last

It’s been nine years since the 49ers won the Super Bowl. That makes this year special for diehard fans. The National Retail Federation predicts that more than 179 million people will watch the game - and that they'll spend nearly $12.3 billion, up 12 percent from last year, when the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots. On average, fans will drop $69 dollars each.

Harbaugh brothers bring sibling rivalry drama to Super Bowl XLVII

This Sunday's Super Bowl is the first time in American sports history that brothers will compete for a championship as head coaches. On one side, we have John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens, and on the other, his little brother Jim, with the San Francisco 49ers.

The dog ate my productivity: 'Puppy Bowl IX' locker room cam is streaming joy

Say goodbye to productivity for the next few days — the "Puppy Bowl IX" PUPPY CAM is alive. Animal Planet's ninth consecutive answer to the Super Bowl is streaming from the locker room every pregame frolick, nibble, nap and prance with a behind the collar peek at the adoptable canine action.

2013 Super Bowl is game on for second screen

Many folks who will tune in to the Super Bowl this weekend will watch not only on a big screen TV, but also on a so-called second screen. Second screen, of course, refers to the laptops, tablets and mobile phones viewers often use to supplement their TV-watching experience with things like live streams, exclusive, Web-only features and social media.