Legacy Society Members

The Legacy Society honors members who have provided for the future of SCPR by including the station in their estate plans.

Anonymous Friends - 155
Barbara H. Ackermann
Lawanda R. Allee
Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach
John M Beringer Jr.
Arlene Robin Bernstein
Herley Jim and Mollie Bowling
Robert and Wendy Brandow
Adrienne Brandriss
Janet Bratton
Stephanie Brito
Dolores and Wayne Browning
Ruby Bugarin
Esther S. M. Chao
Margaret Connery
Ellen L. Damon
James Davidson
Susan Gray Davis
Wilbur L. Davis
Sheila Diskin and Michael Berman
Mark Dixon and Sandra Fazio
Rabbi Lisa Edwards and Tracy Moore
Noemi Epstein and Darrel Vorderstrasse
Milton J. Fatt
Mona Field
Cathie L. Fields and Mark E. Whitebook
Robin Fish
Bill and Trish Flumenbaum
Anita and Haley Fromholz
Cathy and Robert Garant
Katherine Gfeller
Barbara Gibbs
The Johnson-Gispan Family Trust
Henry and Jane Goichman
Dolores Grunigen
Jim and Anne Harder
Charles Hay
Judith M. Hirsch
Adelaide Hixon
Laurence and Janice Hoffmann
Michele Hooper
James Houghton and Karen Snider
Cynthia Hubach
Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh
John Jackson
David P. Jackson
Helene Jacobs
Judy Jacobs
Carol and Jerry Jacoby
Sharon and Alan Jones
Andrea Karsten
Dr. Lynn Kerew
Eve W. Kilger
Dr. Herschel Knapp
Cindy Kohlmiller
Carol Komatsuka
Mort Lampert
Dr. Susan Lowry and Dr. Robert Lundergan
Rich and Jacquie McClish
Jennifer and Shawn McCreight
Brian Scott Miller
Michael Mills
Lewis and Lynn Mingori
Monte and Claire Montgomery
Marina Moore and Sheldon Green
Karen Moskowitz
Todd Nickel
Molly Breeze Nisbet
Jane Peebles
Tom and Melinda Peters
Rose Catherine Pinkney
Mariena and Jose Quintanilla
Judith D. Raffel
Jay Rosenthal
Dianne K. Sax
Marilyn L. Schmitt
Pamela Scrape
Lee & Barbara Shoag
Dr. Susan S. Simmons and Jerry M. Haselfeld
Charles Snyder and Peggy Ramsey
Christine M. Sorenson
Stephanie Strout and Andrew Carrico IV
Judith and Ward Thompson
Carol Vernon and Robert Turbin
Jessica and Robert Weiner
Dr. Robert and Nadyne Zafran
Dennis Dewenter
Estate of Irene Nevil
Estate of Julie Y. Chan
Estate of Melinda ElGuindy
Estate of Richard A. Gross
Estate of Robert Montavon
Estate of Sara Wetherbee
Estate of Judy R. Cohn

List current as of 04/01/2017