California Counts

California Counts is a collaboration with three other public radio stations, KQED, KPBS and Capital Public Radio and CALmatters, a nonprofit journalism venture. Shared coverage will include stories on California’s response to the administration of Donald Trump, major issues affecting the state and a project to capture the hopes and dreams of Californians about their future.

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Brown hits campaign trail for Prop 57, against Prop 53

Gov. Jerry Brown wants voters to change how California inmates serve their time behind bars and reject a ballot measure he argues would threaten needed infrastructure projects. But he faces opposition on both fronts ahead of Tuesday's election.

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Calaveras County copes with change after influx of new marijuana growers

People have grown marijuana quietly in Calaveras County for decades. But after the Butte fire word got out that Calaveras was the place to grow. Now long-time residents say a “green rush" fueled by outsiders is hurting their county.