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LAPD targets Valley streets for traffic enforcement

Andrew Bardwell /Flickr Creative Commons
| Despite the ramped up enforcement, LAPD officers still can't issue tickets for speeding, a major contributing factor to motor vehicle injuries and deaths.

LA commuters, meet the city's first bike traffic signals


City leaders on Thursday officially unveiled L.A.’s first bike-specific traffic signals as well as a stretch of protected bike lanes along Los Angeles Street between Alameda and First Street.


Here's how Metro's proposed sales tax could be recalled


Los Angeles County's transit agency wants voters in November to approve a new sales tax to fund billions in transportation projects.

Metro Gold Line delays continue during Monday afternoon commute


Commuters who regularly take the Gold Line should expect delays on Monday afternoon due to maintenance on power lines that were damaged over the weekend.

Why LA's worst streets are likely to stay that way for a while


The city spends most of its limited street repair budget maintaining good and fair streets while devoting just two of every ten dollars in the budget to fixing more expensive poor streets.

Metro wants to extend sales tax indefinitely to fund projects


A new twist to Metro's proposed ballot measure would add a half-cent sales tax with no end date. The tax revenue would pay for billions in transportation projects.

LA police say they can't enforce speeding on most city streets


Budget cuts reduced the city's ability to conduct updated surveys of driver speeds, and without the updates, police can't enforce the limits.

Take the Gold Line to your Duarte hiking destination


Want to hit the trail but not hit the gas? A shuttle service from the Duarte Gold Line station makes it possible to head to the hills on transit.