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Vaping lounges offer refuge from LA's new e-cigarette ban

Josie Huang/KPCC
| As the new ban on use e-cigarettes goes into effect, retailers are carving out spaces where enthusiasts can legally partake of the practice.

LA's e-cigarette ban takes effect Saturday


Here's what you need to know about L.A.'s ban on smoking e-cigarettes in public places.

Why the jury is still out on e-cigarettes


The product's chemical composition is constantly changing, making it very hard for researchers to design studies to assess e-cigarettes' effects.

Study: No link between e-cigarettes and quitting smoking


The data come with caveats and are unlikely to settle the debate about whether e-cigarettes do more harm than good.

Los Angeles bans e-cigarettes in smoke-free areas (updated)


Electronic cigarettes will be prohibited in L.A. parks, restaurants and bars under an ordinance approved Tuesday by the Los Angeles City Council.

UC System's ban on smoking and e-cigarettes begins


Former University of California President Mark Yudof first announced the move to ban smoking in January 2012. It goes into effect on Wednesday.

Boxer, other Senators, push for scrutiny of e-cigarettes


Lawmakers want the FTC to investigate the marketing of e-cigarettes to kids. Several cities, including LA, have banned the sale to minors.