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Preschool with a focus on children's mental health

Dorian Merina/KPCC
| A program in downtown LA seeks to get young children ready for school by addressing family trauma holistically.

California's transitional kindergarten growing


As California's transitional kindergarten program has expanded, more schools are providing all TK-classrooms rather than mixed TK and Kindergarten classes, study finds.

LAUSD doubles expanded transitional kindergarten slots


Los Angeles Unified School District's Board of Education Tuesday is more than doubling the number of schools offering transitional kindergarten for all 4-year-olds at the district's low-income schools.

More preschool seats coming to LA in state budget plan


Scores of new preschool seats could open in L.A. under the new state budget, but the gains represent just a fraction of the slots that have been lost since the recession.


Budget plan preserves transitional kindergarten, adds preschool spots


The final budget plan rejected an initial proposal to consolidate all of the state's early childhood funding into a block grant.

Transitional kindergarten debate hinges on neediest students


Gov. Jerry Brown believes that state early education funds should only go to the neediest students. But advocates say a plan to do that could hurt poor kids anyway.


Bringing brain development 101 to kids who miss preschool


A social service agency is trying to train parents in child development skills in an attempt to close gaps between kids who attend preschool and kids who don't.


Preschool advocates dismayed at Brown's plan


Governor doesn’t believe the state should pay for middle- and upper-income children to attend transitional kindergarten, says analyst at the California Department of Finance.