SoCal Heat

Read KPCC's coverage of the heat, how to stay cool and what high temperatures mean for life in Southern California.

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Record-setting heat wave expected to bake SoCal even longer

For the next several days, temperatures will stay in the mid-90s around much of the Los Angeles basin. The valleys will continue to sizzle, with highs up to 112 degrees. The mountains and deserts will also continue to bake in triple- digit heat.

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Thousands in San Fernando Valley without power

Scattered outages have been affecting customers throughout the utility's service area since Tuesday, as temperatures soared nearly 20 degrees above normal in some parts of Los Angeles County.

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This is your body on extreme heat

No, it's not just you. This heat wave really is making you feel crappy. Experts say extreme heat saps energy, shortens breath, fogs thinking, and can stop you short with cramps.