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Net neutrality: White House backs the Internet in a major way

The White House (via YouTube)
| President Obama is calling on rule-makers to reclassify broadband as a public utility. It would give the FCC much broader authority to stop "fast lanes" and "slow lanes" to the Internet.

E3 in Los Angeles: Will some attendees be looking for a job?


As E3 rolls around, Video game industry continues to see sales growth, but the project-driven cycle of work makes layoffs routine.

More layoffs, cutbacks at Freedom's Register newspapers


An internal memo from owners Aaron Kushner and Eric Spitz warns of voluntary buyouts, mandatory furloughs and a streamlining of the Long Beach Register.

Disney Infinity 2.0 adds Marvel characters


Disney will add Marvel characters to its latest version of Disney Infinity. One analyst thinks Pixar and Star Wars characters will join the platform in the future.

Will Aereo change the way we watch TV?


Aereo has been trying to make itself seem as significant as possible while strangely, some of the biggest players on the other side have been downplaying the threat.

Waxman calls on LA Times owner to reduce planned debt burden on paper


Rep. Henry Waxman wrote another letter to Tribune Co.'s CEO, saying media and business experts are also concerned about how the newspaper spin-off is structured.

A March Madness for cybersecurity


Facebook, Tesla, and Raytheon signed on as sponsors of this year’s competition, which Manson says reflects a growing demand in corporate America for cyber warriors.

Microsoft unveils Office for iPad (updated)


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is expected to announce a version of Microsoft Office for the Apple iPad. That's something Microsoft has resisted for a long time.