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Minimum wage workers in several cities got a raise

Ben Bergman/KPCC
| Minimum wage hikes went into effect in L.A., Pasadena and Santa Monica. Workers went to Grand Park to celebrate and said 50 cents more per hour will add up.

Minimum wage goes up — will LA restaurants charge more?


The increase, which goes into effect Friday, is modest – 50 cents for businesses with more than 25 employees – but it's the first in a series of yearly hikes that will top out at $15 an hour by 2020.


Are Whole Foods' automated kiosks the future for grocery stores?


Robots and kiosks replace some workers in a bid to cut costs. Shoppers at the new store in Silver Lake give it mixed reviews.

Will California lose 700,000 jobs due to $15 minimum wage?


Florida Governor Rick Scott visited Los Angeles Monday, and used that statistic as he tried to convince local businesses they would be better off in his state.

LA County approves program to help curb wage theft


A new program aims to help enforce LA County's new minimum wage and protect against wage theft.

Aerospace plant to leave SoCal before minimum wage hike


“This is the last thing I want to do, but I don’t see that I have a choice," said Fred Donnelly, president of California Composites.

Labor advocates want more money for wage enforcement


With the minimum wage set to rise in July, LA is creating a Wage Standards Office to ensure workers are paid in full, but labor advocates say it's underfunded.

Gov. Brown announces deal to raise minimum wage


The governor outlines an agreement he has reached with labor unions to boost the state's minimum wage from $10 to $15 an hour by 2022. The increase would give California the highest statewide minimum wage.