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Watts area residents to share thoughts on minimum wage

Jae C. Hong/AP
| The Los Angeles City Council's economic development committee goes to Watts for its first hearing on raising the minimum wage. Follow along with Brian Watt's tweets here.

County, cities near LA consider raising minimum wage


Some analysts have warned that if Los Angeles raises its minimum wage, businesses will flee beyond the city limits. But other cities and the County are considering a hike.

Potential minimum wage hike prompts a range of questions


The L.A. City Council's economic development committee holds its first public hearing on the minimum wage. Questions focus on small businesses and jobs.

3 views of LA's minimum wage debate


Economists release three different studies, predicting what would happen if the minimum wage rose to $13.25 per hour in Los Angeles.


Minimum wage: One deli owner says a hike could put him out of business


In the debate over Mayor Garcetti's proposed minimum wage, Jeff Kavin, the owner of Greenblatt’s Deli, says it would hurt his business.